martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Avira Finds Missing Android Phones Worldwide

Tettnang, Germany --- March 27, 2012 – IT security expert Avira announced today the general availability of Avira Free Android Security software which can remotely locate, lock or erase an Android phone anywhere in the world to maintain security. It can even make the phone ‘scream’ to help you find it hiding behind the couch cushions.

Avira Free Android Security software can be downloaded for free from the Google Apps Marketplace.

“Since malware threats for Android are still relatively uncommon, we first focused on anti-theft and remote device management features in Avira Free Android Security,” said Travis Witteveen, COO of Avira. “We felt these features are something our customers need and want today, and as the threat landscape evolves we will add anti-malware features as needed.”

The Avira Free Android Security app works in concert with a Web-based console locate, lock-up and manage Android phones remotely:

  • Remote Scream – From the Web console, trigger the phone to scream for 20 seconds to help locate the device (or scare the person who took it). See video
  • Remote Lock – If the phone goes missing, the owner can lock the device with a 4-digit PIN and display a “call owner” phone number on the screen. Unlike the remote wipe features in other software, remote lock will completely secure all data on the phone but it can be unlocked when the device is eventually found.
  • Location Tracking – The Avira app on the Android device can send real-time location coordinates back to a display on Google Maps.

For business users and families with lots of phones, Avira Free Android Security comes with Avira Android Web Console, which lets you manage up to five phones remotely. In addition to the locating and locking features explained above, the Web Console lets you handle behind-the-scenes chores like activating/deactivating phones, remotely checking phone activity, current battery level, device model number and device IMEI number. Never again will you need to ask someone to read the IMEI number out loud to you.

Avira Free Android Security is compatible with Android versions 2.2 (Froyo) and 2.3 (Gingerbread) and is available now for download in English.


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Acerca de Avira

Avira quiere que sus clientes “vivan libres” de spyware, phishing, virus y otras amenazas localizadas en internet. La empresa fue fundada hace 25 años con la promesa de Tjark Auerbach de "crear software que haga cosas buenas para mis amigos y familiares". Ahora, más de 100 millones de consumidores y pequeñas empresas confían en la experiencia en seguridad de Avira y su galardonado software antivirus, lo que convierte a la empresa en la segunda en importancia en cuota de mercado a nivel global. Avira proporciona seguridad informática para ordenadores, smartphones, servidores y redes, ofrecida como software o servicios situados en la nube.

Además de proteger en mundo en línea, el director ejecutivo de Avira promueve el bienestar en el mundo sin conexión a través de la Fundación Auerbach, que apoya proyectos de beneficencia y sociales. La filosofía de la fundación es ayudar a que la gente se ayude a sí misma.

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