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The secret to accessing sports, music-streaming sites, and TV shows unavailable in your region? VPN can help.

Have you ever tried to watch your favorite show and received a message saying: “This content is not available in your country”? That’s geo-blocking—and it’s a way for movie distributors, streaming services, and broadcasters to restrict access to their content. This restriction is based on your IP address, which shows your location and can be easily tracked. Based on your location, you can only access movies and programming available in that region.

Leap over geo-restrictions! Our VPN is your free ticket to content across the globe.

For a life without borders, choose a VPN

Overcome geo-restrictions by masking your identity and true location. 

How does a VPN work?

In very simple terms, a VPN connects your device (PC, smartphone, or tablet) to a remote server and allows you to browse the internet using that computer’s internet connection. If the server is in Iceland, for example, it will appear as if you are in Iceland, too. So, you can potentially access online content that may be restricted in your country. 

Why is a VPN safe?

All your internet traffic passes through the VPN connection, which acts like a secure, private tunnel that shields your data and communications from third parties, and even your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It also uses virtual locations across the world to hide your real Internet Protocol (IP) address, so hackers and snoops won’t know your real identity and location. You’re automatically anonymous—like an online ghost.

A VPN also encrypts any data you transmit to a website so it can’t be read. In fact, Avira Phantom VPN uses leading data encryption (AES-256) to give you a highly secure service.


Are VPNs legal?

Using a VPN is legal in most countries, but there are exceptions. If you’re living in China, Russia, or Iran, it is illegal. Even if you live in a country that allows VPN, please remember: Anything that is illegal without a VPN remains illegal when using a VPN!

VPNs can also breach the terms of service of some companies. E.g. It’s not illegal to use a VPN to access Netflix, but it does breach their terms of use. Some video-streaming services, such as Netflix, can even detect and block the use of VPN.


How a VPN gives you uncensored access to the world

So, you want to keep up to date with your favorite show on holiday or want to watch a foreign movie which is not available in your country? A VPN like Avira Phantom VPN lets you view all the content you enjoy. You’ll also be able to bypass firewalls and content policies at work, university, and on public WiFi.


Change your location to one of 38 servers around the world with just a few clicks, and access movies, programs, live sports, music via on-demand, streaming, and catch-up services, including:


HBO Now, Hulu Plus, Amazon instant video, Starz, CBS All Access

ITV Player, All 4, 5 On Demand, STV Player

NBC Sports, ESPN, PGA Live Tour, FOX Sports, Eurosport

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music

Want to travel light and still see the world?

Avira Phantom VPN can be installed on your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone—there’s no need to take your laptop on holiday. 

Get it in Google Play here

Get it in the App Store here

Did you know? Only 24% of internet users worldwide can use the internet without limitations.

*How bad is internet censorship in your country, weforum

Will VPNs slow down streaming?

Many VPNs do slow down internet speed. Avira is different. Our cutting-edge VPN technology keeps you running as fast as usual. In fact, if you’re suffering from a slow internet due to your ISP’s data throttling or fair use policy, Avira Phantom VPN might even speed you up! 

What are the other advantages of a VPN?

It’s a global ticket to greater online safety and freedom!

Safely use public WiFi

Public WiFi (in restaurants, cafes, etc.) is unsafe as others in this network can access your data. Surfing with an active VPN connection encrypts all data received and sent, so you’re safe from hackers.

Evade tracking

Advertisers track your IP address to send you targeted ads. Not with Phantom VPN! It assigns you a different IP addresses with every connection, and none of them can be traced back to you.

Be unhackable

Your financial info, passwords, and other private files are secure: They can’t be intercepted nor read by third parties. So, you’re free to bank and shop to your heart’s content.

Why evade geo restrictions with Avira?

It’s so easy to overcome local censorship with our fast, free Phantom VPN! Here’s a list of what makes it the trusted choice:

✔ Rated one of the top free VPNs in the world.

Gives you access to 38 server locations around the globe—with just 2 clicks—so no one knows where you really are.

Prevents your IP address from being leaked, ensuring that your Internet Service Provider cannot see what websites you visit—your streaming and downloading is your business only.

Fast, safe, and keeps no logs of your activity.

Works on any device for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac—there’s also a free browser plugin for Chrome!

Part of a multi-award-winning software portfolio from a trusted German security leader, with 30 years of experience.

 Plus, it’s free!

Made in Germany.
Downloaded by millions.

4.5/5 - Excellent

19,000+ reviews

Download Free VPN now

Unblock worldwide content—download now.

Access your favorite sites anywhere, on all your devices.


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