Antivirus Pro works hard.
Anytime. Anywhere.

German-engineered Antivirus Pro delivers complete security against all types of viruses and malware, plus advanced web protection and free tech support.

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Antivirus Pro is even faster.

Like it or not, life is speeding up. So we designed Antivirus Pro to not slow you down or hold you back in any way, but instead to keep you a few steps ahead, in every way.

If you like games or movies,
you’ll love Antivirus Pro’s invisibility.

Antivirus Pro runs quietly behind your other programs – unless you want to see it, in which case you just click its icon to open it.

Antivirus Pro secures
your whole digital life.

Avira’s reliability is top rated by independent tests, and it also protects your smartphones and tablets. One dashboard gives you an overview (and control) of all your devices protected by Avira apps.