VDF History

The VDF file contains all the malware detection patterns used by the Avira engine.

Avira updates its VDF files several times in a typical day, ensuring that your Avira security products continue to detect the latest electronic threats. Keeping your VDF file up to date is vital to the safety of your computer.

xVDF version details

This VDF file was published on Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 11:39 AM GMT+2

The following signature(s) were added to our signatures database (20 vdf records):

  • BDS/Lithium.103.A
  • BDS/Lithium.103.B
  • BDS/Litmus.203
  • BDS/NTRootKit.040
  • BDS/TSadbot
  • TR/QDial-1689
  • W32/GenTSR-Virus
  • W32/Kriz.dam
  • W32/NGVCK.1
  • W32/NGVCK.2
  • W32/NGVCK.GenDrp
  • W32/Unnamed.1
  • W32/Unnamed.2
  • Worm/Isratz.1
  • Worm/Isratz.2
  • Worm/Roron.50.A
  • Worm/Silba.P2P
  • Worm/SirCam.Gen
  • Worm/Specx.P2P
  • Worm/Stephgay.B