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  • Name
  • Date discovered
    Nov 16, 2017

The term 'SPR' ('Security or Privacy Risk') denotes a program that might possibly be able to affect the security of your system, might trigger activities you might not want or might violate your privacy. This class of detection flags applications that if used unproperly or with malicious intent might damage or compromise security on the local system, remote systems or network infrastructure. These are legitimate applications that can be used to extract protected information, provide remote access to the local machine, modify advanced system settings or perform advanced operating system or networking functions. This detection doesn't mean that the file is malicious. However, if the file got on the system without the user's knowledge the system's security might be compromised. Disabling this detection is recommended for advanced users that understand the risks and how to use these applications.

A generic detection routine designed to detect common family characteristics shared in several variants. This special detection routine was developed in order to detect unknown variants and will be enhanced continuously.

Operating System: Android.

Propagation method: By visiting infected websites.

The file can be used by rogue users or malware to lower security settings.

This malware is able to get access to the SMS functionality to steal and send SMS.

  • Aliases
    ESET: a variant of Android/SMSreg.AAJ potentially unsafe application
    Kaspersky Lab: not-a-virus:HEUR:RiskTool.AndroidOS.Dnotua.glh