How do I create a bootable Avira Rescue System USB drive?

Avira Rescue System is based on a customized Ubuntu desktop system and runs on this platform as a standalone application. The program helps cleaning and repairing an infected computer by booting the computer from the Avira Rescue System media.

The application needs to be downloaded and burned on a CD/DVD. If the infected computer does not have an optical drive, it is recommended to create a bootable USB drive.

Before booting from a USB drive, you might need to adjust the boot option in the BIOS.

Follow the steps below to create a bootable Avira Rescue System USB drive:

  1. Download the Avira Rescue System as an ISO file.

  2. Download the program Unetbootin.

  3. Plug in the USB drive and format it as "FAT32".
    Open the Windows Explorer ([Windows] + E key shortcut), right-click the USB drive, and select Format….
    Select the option FAT32 in the drop down menu of "File System" and click Start.

  4. Doubleclick the downloaded unetbootin-windows-xxx.exe file.

  5. Select the option Diskimage" ISO, and the rescue-system.iso file you have downloaded.

  6. Select the option USB Drive in the drop down menu "Type" and make sure that the correct USB drive is selected, under "Drive".


  7. Press OK to copy files and create the bootable USB drive.

    Unetbooting - Extracting and Copying Files

  8. If the installation is complete, restart your computer and boot from the created USB drive.

    UNetbootin - Installation Complete, Reboot

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