Why did Avira change the model for account activation?

Avira simplified the license modeling by switching from user licenses to device licenses. From now on, each user will be able to activate a purchased license only with one account or email address. The license will be valid for 1 or more devices.

A user can register with one email address to one Avira Connect account and activate a license that is valid for one or more devices, such as Avira Prime.

This change will affect all Avira products except business products.

  • What will happen to the existing multiple user accounts?
    There will be no change for these accounts. A license with multiple user accounts will remain as it is. Each user will continue to use their license until it expires.

    Note: Only the purchaser or the user that originally activated the license, will be able to see the license subscription in Avira Connect.

  • What will happen with existing licenses if they get renewed (manually or automatically), will they switch automatically to multiple device licenses?
    In this case, the prolonged subscription will inherit the same configuration. A multiple user license (e.g. a 3-user license) will only be relabeled to “3-device license” and the license will be valid for 3 devices.

  • Will the number of devices be displayed in Avira Connect?
    Yes. The label “users” will be changed to “devices”.

  • Will this affect a license that has already been activated on a device?
    No, an activated license will not be affected as long as it does not get reactivated with a new email address.

Affected products

  • Avira Prime [Windows]
  • Avira Antivirus Pro [Windows]
  • Avira My Account [Not relevant]
  • Created : Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  • Last updated: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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