What can be determined from my IP address?

The following information may be determined ¬– directly or indirectly – from knowledge of your IP address:

  • Who owns and operates the network you’re using. Searching further the WHOIS database with your IP address can potentially reveal a range of information, including a name, phone number, and civic address.
  • The location from where you are using that device (with varying degrees of accuracy). This could include country, region, city, latitude/longitude, and telephone area code.
  • Find out about your online history using that IP address. You may have used an identical IP address to share files online (peer-to-peer activities), access other websites (this could be ascertained by checking records in web server log files), or even edit a Wikipedia page (this, in turn, could reveal information about your interests or political affiliations).
  • Your email address – if you used that same IP address to send an email.

The ability of an individual to retrieve information from your IP address will largely depend on the resources and skills available to him or her.

  • Created : Wednesday, July 20, 2016
  • Last updated: Tuesday, November 8, 2016
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