Activating more than one Avira 2014 product with the same Email address

If you are using one of the new Avira 2014 Product Suites and are trying to activate a new Avira 2014 product you will be asked to choose your activation option as follows:


The activation option will be displayed in your customer account only if:

  • Your new and existing products are identical down to number of users and runtime and your existing products has at least 45 days left of runtime

  • Your new and existing products are different

Depending on the option that you choose you can:

  1. Add the remaining runtime from your existing Avira product to the new Avira product you are trying to activate. Click here for more details

  2. Start using only the new Avira product while the old one remains active in your customer account. You can either activate the old product on a different Email address or send it to a friend. Click here for more details

  3. Send the new product, as a gift, to a friend. Click here for more details

Affected products

  • Avira Free Antivirus [Windows]
  • Avira Antivirus Pro [Windows]
  • Avira My Account [Windows]
  • Avira Internet Security Suite [Windows]
  • Avira Ultimate Protection Suite [Windows]
  • Created : Thursday, September 19, 2013
  • Last updated: Friday, December 20, 2013
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