Avira SafeSearch Plus – the free browser extension

Just like your favorite search engine. Only safer.

  • Blocks infected and phishing sites in your search results
  • Shields you from malvertising and bloatware
  • Collects results from leading search engines


470 Reviews
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Safe searching that looks great, too

Simple searching, with extras

The good-looking homepage is packed with useful features, like your local weather and your favorite sites.

Make sure your favorites stay malware-free

Handy links to your favorite sites are continually scanned so you can be sure they’ve not been compromised.

Don’t let criminals hijack your browser

Sometimes even trusted sites can be compromised: As of last year, over 1.65 million browsers were hijacked via infected websites to mine cryptocoins for criminals.* SafeSearch Plus prevents this; our real-time, cloud-based monitoring guards you against any attacks directly from your search results.


* Source: http://motherboard.vice.com/

Stop fake ads from injecting you with malware

Malicious advertising—or malvertising—can strike from any website. Recent victims included The New York Times, BBC, AOL, and NFL, where attackers bought ad space and then let loose ads packed with malware.* While the sites themselves aren’t infected, your PC will be—unless you use SafeSearch Plus to scan websites for threats before you land on them.


* Source: www.cisecurity.org/malvertising

Download with confidence

Downloading software from the web can be risky. Hidden bloatware often hide inside legitimate downloads, and make up 16% of all malware attacks. Make sure your downloads don’t come with nasty surprises by using SafeSearch Plus to check download portals thoroughly before loading them.

Trust your favorite sites

Keep visiting your favorite sites worry-free. SafeSearch Plus lets you build a trusted site toolbar on your homepage. You can visit your favorites with a single click, safe in the knowledge that SafeSearch has scanned them in real-time to ensure they’ve not been compromised. 

Fully customizable search results


Just like your favorite search engine, SafeSearch Plus comes with a range of filters, allowing you to easily search in a particular region or language.

Nothing to lose. Plenty to gain.

There’s no need to compromise on speed, results, or convenience with SafeSearch Plus. Results are collated from leading search engines. Scanning is so fast you’ll hardly notice a difference. 


But one thing’s changed. Now you can relax when surfing the web, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected every click of the way.

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470 Reviews

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