Meet the new Internet Security Suite

Improved protection with a PC performance-enhancing tool!

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Enhanced security with an all-in-one PC tune-up tool, and multi-device protection


NEW System Speedup

Analyze, deep clean and optimize your PC. Normally $31.99, you get it for free.

NEW Advanced Real-Time Protection

Our Real-Time Scanner merged with the Protection Cloud technology detects more malware than ever.

NEW Multi-Device Protection

Security for PCs, tablets and smartphones. Stop worrying about malware and identity theft
once and for all.

NEW Secure Backup

5 GB of encrypted online storage to secure, access and share your media and important documents.

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Price:   |   User / 1 Year

Feature set

  • Free Support
    Assistance from Avira’s friendly and knowledgeable support technicians
  • Enhanced Network Drive Protection
    Malware scanning for shared folders
  • AntiAd/Spyware
    Shuts out online spies and annoying adware
  • Website Safety Advisor*
    Safety ratings for the sites in your search results
  • Advanced Web Protection
    Intercepts malicious websites before they load
  • Browser Tracking Blocker*
    Stops companies from recording your web activities
  • *Available on the Avira SearchFree Toolbar