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Avira Adds WebGuard Protection to its Free Antivirus Software as part of its Service Pack 2 Release

Protection from Corrupted Websites and Free Search Toolbar are Highlights of Avira AntiVir Service Pack 2 Free Upgrade

Protection from Corrupted Websites and Free Search Toolbar are Highlights of Avira AntiVir Service Pack 2 Free Upgrade

Tettnang, June 28, 2011 – IT security expert Avira announced today it is offering WebGuard, a safe-surfing component, free to millions of customers of its Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus software as part of its Service Pack 2 (SP 2) upgrade.

Compromised websites have become the most common source of security threats to Internet users today. Avira’s WebGuard component works by acting as a proxy to prevent customers from downloading malicious code from an infected or rogue website. Avira’s WebGuard, which was previously available only to customers of Avira’s paid security software, is now available for those “free” users who choose to install the Avira SearchFree Toolbar. Other improvements included in SP 2 are enhanced rootkit detection and one-click removal of infections.

”On any given day millions of websites become victim to a security breach, exposing site visitors to drive-by downloads and malware infections, or tricking them with phishing scams into disclosing personal information. Avira has therefore decided to include the WebGuard component – previously given only to paying customers – to all customers for free,” said Travis Witteveen, COO Markets & Operations at Avira. “It’s an additional layer of protection that we feel all customers should have, and it’s our way of letting customers live even more free on the Internet.”

Avira’s SP 2 update will be made available as a product update to all customers, paid and free. During the update, only free customers will be asked to install WebGuard, which comes with an Avira SearchFree Toolbar. Customers have a choice to confirm the WebGuard and toolbar installations. SearchFree Toolbar works on Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers.

SP 2 is available to German and English speaking customers immediately, while other languages will roll out through the summer. A full list of SP 2 enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Detection and Protection
    SP 2 taps into the latest research on behavior-based and heuristic detection, which catches undiscovered malware according to the way the code looks and acts.
  • Enhanced Repair Functionality
    Generic Repair and One-Click Removal functionality have been enhanced for comprehensive cleaning of the hard drive as well as the registry in the event of an infection.
  • Improved Rootkit Detection
    SP 2 adds extra functionalities for more aggressive tracking of hidden malware.
  • Improved Usability of WebGuard
    Avira WebGuard offers an expanded notification page whenever it blocks a harmful website.
  • Expanded Scan Log
    When running a system scan, a more detailed report is now available upon completion of the scan.
  • Avira SearchFree Toolbar
    SearchFree Toolbar uses the Ask.com back-end search engine and features a status indicator to help users keep their WebGuard version current. The toolbar works with Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers.
  • Improved Product Documentation
    More detailed help files and user manuals are included for those who like to read the fine print.