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Avira redefines digital safety with the Free Security Suite: digital lives made safer, faster, and more private than ever before

Tettnang, October 25, 2016 – Avira just introduced the new Free Security Suite -- the world’s first free internet software package to combine security, privacy, and speed into a single suite.

Tettnang, October 25, 2016 – Avira just introduced the new Free Security Suite - the world’s first free internet software package to combine security, privacy, and speed into a single suite.

“At Avira, we build software that empowers users to manage, secure and improve their digital life. With the new Free Security Suite, everyone will get the world class security they expect from us along with the tools they need to protect their identity, their privacy and keep devices running smoothly.” said Travis Witteveen, Chief Executive Officer of Avira.

Avira’s Free Security Suite is the most comprehensive product ever released for free. It combines an array of award winning services in an integrated package, which allows multiple devices and users to be managed via an easy to use web dashboard. Avira commits to providing users of the Free Security Suite a continuing flow of updates and features to ensure protection in this fast moving world.

  1. Top-ranked protection against malicious code and ransomware

    Ransomware is one of the fastest growing elements in Avira’s Global Threat Landscape, with global detections up 196% from May to September 2016. The situation was even more dramatic in the DACH region with detections soaring by 326%.
    Avira Free Antivirus sets the benchmark for detecting and stopping a full spectrum of online threats according to independent tests. Powered by AI analysis, users get the latest updates via the Avira Protection Cloud.

  2. Anonymous and private browsing as well as geo-unblocking

    People want to go everywhere online, whether this is public Wi-Fi browsing, watching events in foreign countries or following local events while abroad – and do this securely. That’s difficult in open or non-trusted wireless networks and when geo-restrictions limit what can be accessed.
    Avira’s Phantom VPN solves this problem by encrypting all communication between a user’s device and the Internet, and stopping cybercriminals from capturing their data. By masking a device’s true IP address, Phantom enables more anonymous browsing and helps unlock geo-restricted content. Employing multiple access points in each country, the Free Security Suite provides enough data volume protection to exceed the needs of any average user; the data volume protection amounts to more than 4 Full HD Movies.

  3. Improved performance: more space, speed and privacy

    Computers get slower over time as hard drives fill and registry issues accumulate. It’s often not clear what can be done to remove this digital sludge. Avira System Speedup analyzes a computer’s performance and enables changes to improve performance.
    The Speedup toolkit also contains a multitude of features and services which ensure speedy repair and data recovery as well as the removal of undesired trackers by cleaning cache registries.

  4. Stay away from infected websites

    Avira also adds an extra layer of protection to your browsing experience with the Avira Browser Safety extension. A multitude of internet threats are browser based but by activating ABS, these threats are blocked from affecting the users. The danger of malicious downloads, phishing, and online fraud is thus eliminated. As an additional benefit, your online shopping experience will be heavily improved, Avira Offers helping you make sure that you get the best price from a trusted store.

  5. Get it together with Auto-update

    The Free Security Suite also comes with an Auto-update functionality that will ensure users receive new free apps and product information directly to their Avira Connect dashboard. Thanks to the continuous updates, they will be the first to get new security components and services, as soon as they launch.
    The Avira Free suite is completely free to install and use. Functionality on some apps such as Speed-up and Phantom VPN is limited. Other Avira free applications are available and can be found in the Connect dashboard (my.avira.com).