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Avira launches monthly subscription plans and mobile-only option for Phantom VPN Pro

Get a real vacation – and full VPN coverage – one month at a time with Avira’s Phantom VPN

Get a real vacation – and full VPN coverage – one month at a time with Avira’s Phantom VPN

Avira has added new monthly pricing and product packages making it easier for vacationers to stretch their holiday budgets as they step out into a world of insecure WiFi connections and geo-restricted sites.

The new monthly subscription plans for the Avira Phantom VPN Pro give users full-fledged security with encryption, geo-access features, and unlimited data usage – all for a simple monthly fee. The new packages include a mobile-only option for on-the-go users with just Android or iOS devices and a mixed-bag option for users needing VPN coverage for all of their devices whether they are driven by Windows, Android, or Apple operating systems.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro

 “We take our vacations by the month and we should be able to enhance our online experience in the same way to fit changing needs and budgets, whether we have a mixed portfolio of online devices or just a single smartphone,” said Melanie Weber, manager of the Avira Phantom VPN project.  


No vacation for online devices

An Expedia/Egencia study found that the vast majority of travelers (84%) want to be able to access information from anywhere while they travel, 60% say they never really “unplug’’ on leisure trips, and 35% claim to use their mobile devices even more on vacation than they do at home.


 “Going offline in the summer is a thing of the distant past,” said Ms. Weber. “Vacationers take their devices with ones with them -- and they use them a lot.”


Vacation brings connectivity and content issues

Vacation brings a unique mix of security risks and content access issues as holidaymakers stay online and connect to new networks.


 “Whether looking for locations or sending photos, people are essentially using their devices like they do at home,” explained Ms. Webber. “The major changes are in how they connect to the internet and in their choice of devices as they watch streaming media on portable devices instead of the home TV.”

These changes bring vacationers directly into collision with two issues:  

1.Insecure WiFi connections – Open WiFi networks such as those found in hotels, airports, and vacation sites are insecure by definition – even if they have a login requirement. Unencrypted data packets are an open postcard that can be easily read by a person sitting nearby in a standard “Man-in-the-Middle” hacker attack, someone else in the network, or along the transmission chain between the device and the end-site.

2.Geo-restricted content –  Your device’s IP address is an essential element for online communication. But this IP address, which can pinpoint your location down to a few hundred meters, also enables sites to have geo-restrictions that block you from accessing content based on where you are – or are not. 

Insecure internet connections and content restrictions are two problematic areas that the Phantom VPN solves. With Phantom, people can make a secure internet connection to the content of their choice. It provides AES 256-bit encrypted connections and multiple server locations enable you to pick your virtual location in 20 countries and unlock geo-restricted content. 


Sized to fit your family portfolio

The new monthly user-based subscriptions are a solution for those needing mobile-only coverage for Android and iOS devices and those with a mixed portfolio of devices running on different operating systems (Windows, Android, and Apple operating systems).


Phantom VPN Pro for Mobile (monthly mobile-only) User-based package with complete VPN functionality and feature set. You just have need to decide which mobile platform, Android or iOS, that you want VPN coverage on. 


·         4.99 EUR per month for unlimited data on all your devices running on either Android or iOS


Phantom VPN Pro (monthly) User-based package – regardless of the operating system – for your choice of Windows, Apple, or Android devices.

·         8.99 EUR per month for unlimited data for all your devices


Avira Phantom VPN Pro can be downloaded at Avira.com, the Apple App Store, Google Play, and other selected download sites. To select your choice package of VPN coverage, simply select the desired monthly subscription option when initially downloading Phantom VPN or by clicking on the upgrade option in the app store.