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Avira Launches AppLock+ for Privacy and Remote Management of Android Apps

Control use of individual apps on your Android devices by time and place - and do it remotely.

Control use of individual apps on your Android devices by time and place - and do it remotely

Tettnang, March 16 - Avira, developers of the award-winning Avira Antivirus, today announced the release of Avira AppLock+, the app that puts Android owners in direct control of what, where, and when each app is used on their device - even when the device is far out of arms reach or off at school.

AppLock+ is available free for Android devices with additional features available for premium users.

Avira's AppLock+ gives users direct control over each app on the device - and the ability to restrict app activity by a PIN password, the time of day, and geographic location. In addition, AppLock+ gives users the ability to remotely manage their devices and apps use via the Avira Online Essentials dashboard.

"With a granular level of control, and the ability to restrict app activity by time and location, AppLock+ answers the essential problem faced by parents around the globe: How we keep children from playing with a smartphone or accessing social media accounts during school hours, but still be accessible," said Andrei Petrus, product manager at Avira.

The need to moderate smartphone use at school is a modern priority as children have phones at an ever earlier age. A quarter of all 8 and 9 year olds already have smartphones in Germany - a level that jumps to 85% for 12 year olds according to a BITKOM survey. And while multitasking has been a management buzzword, educators are increasingly critical of its impact on developing brains.

AppLock+ is not just for parents, it's also for the privacy conscious, points out Mr. Petrus. "By giving device owners control over access and app use, AppLock+ lets them decide what to share or not - solving Android's weakness of a single default device lock. In addition, we've included our Online Essentials dashboard with AppLock+, giving people easy remote management over all of their devices.".

Here are the three big advantages to AppLock+:

  1. Parental Control - Smart controls with a soft touch

    AppLock+ enables parents to set healthy limits on smartphone usage without being intrusive. Game apps can be blocked at the school door with geo-lock restrictions or after-school time limits set for social media with the premium version.

  2. Privacy Protection - Share it on your own terms

    With AppLock+ you decide how much someone with your smartphone can access your apps and private data. Apps can be locked by PIN and managed inpidually or in groups. It's your device, it's your choice with AppLock+.

  3. Remote management - Oversee device activities from anywhere

    AppLock+ enables all users to remotely lock or unlock apps on their newly managed devices via Avira Online Essentials - the online dashboard included in our consumer and business antivirus security products.

AppLock+ can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store, with premium features available for purchase as well.

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