Monday, September 11, 2006

Evildoers safely detected

The virus definition file of Avira AntiVir now includes 500,000 computer viruses and harmful programs.

Tettnang, 11 September 2006 – Subdued party mood in the security lab of Avira: This week the producers of the virus definition file from the popular virus protection AntiVir have added the 500,000 identity. For this, Avira has one of the most comprehensive virus detection databases on the antivirus market.

The record denotes a sad development as the number of new malware has been increasing permanently in the last years. In the 80ies there were practically only the classical viruses that had one’s sights on computers and networks. After that completely new harmful programs began to circulate in form of backdoors and Trojans. In this way, passwords and keyword inputs were spied for the first time.

In 2001 the virus authors concentrated on the exploitation of vulnerability to guarantee the largest possible spreading of so-called Internet worms. Only one year later they already represented 80 percent of the yearly virus emergence. One of the most popular harmful programs of this kind was the worm Sober, which occasionally represented five percent of the worldwide email emergence.

Professionalization in all areas: In 2004 the organized crime discovered the destructive power of malware and used bot networks with thousands of computers, the so-called “Zombie Computers”, for its criminal intrigues. Those were abused in order to coordinate systematical DDoS attacks on the Internet or to spread spam as well as phishing messages. Some months later the first Trojans “Banker” and “Bancos” were sighted. Those were used systematically in order to spy personal bank data of the user.

The emergence of phishing emails showed that there still was an easier way. Like this, over 80 percent of the new threats have theft as an objective nowadays. The authors use those to generate and spread large quantities of diverse variations.

The virus emergence increased with every new threat: While the number of new malware was around 1500 in June 2004, it increased by nearly 500 percent within only one year. In June 2006 it even increased 14 times, i.e. around 1,400 percent in comparison to 2004.

In order to protect your customers against new and unknown threats, Avira specially stresses on a proactive detection. In this way, the proactive protection was strongly improved in the last months for the specially developed AHeAD technology. The heuristic and generic detection rate specially proves its worth in the area of the Trojan downloader and dropper the same as on entire family roots, for example on a reliable Sober, Bagle or Feebs detection. A heuristic specialized on HTML exploits has also been added.

If malware can be detected with the AHeAD technology, it will be identified additionally by means of the virus definition file at a later point in time. In this way it can be guaranteed that previously unknown variations of a malware can be detected correctly and removed correctly from the relevant system.

The detection performance of highly complex polymorphic and metamorphic viruses was also strongly improved and proved especially reliable. This showed the August test of AV-Comparatives, where Avira achieved an excellent scanning result (

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