Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Avira and Ruflotse: Setting new standards in Internet security together

The next evolutionary step in IT security: Partnership broadens existing IT security options to include privacy and reputation protection on the Internet

Munich, April 26, 2011 – Under a new partnership agreement, security and antivirus expert Avira and online privacy and reputation protection provider Ruflotse have joined forces to promote safe and carefree use of Internet and Facebook. To kick-off this partnership, between April 26 – 30 Avira customers can use Ruflotse’s Protect Plus online reputation protection services for 30 days free of charge. What’s more: Avira customers will receive a 25% discount on the regular Ruflotse offerings.

“The demand for Internet security has reached a new stage in its evolution. Until now, protection has mainly involved computers, laptops, networks, and Internet surfing. Since so many of us are now making our most personal data available on the Internet, standard antivirus protection is no longer sufficient. With the onset of social media sites, we have more to protect than just our computers, we have our privacy and our reputation to think about, namely our identity on the Internet, especially on Facebook. This is precisely where Ruflotse steps in,” explains Mario Grobholz, founder and CEO of myON-ID Media, the operator of Ruflotse.

With Ruflotse Protect Plus, users can monitor their own names as well as their children’s names and are routinely updated on new entries on the Internet. Moreover, Ruflotse protects their personal data on Facebook. If a new photo of the user appears on the Facebook network, the user is identified through biometric photo monitoring and then informed of this posting. Through child protection and content filters, Ruflotse customers are informed of any content in comments and posts in the world’s biggest social network that put children, careers, and businesses at risk.

“Thanks to this partnership with Ruflotse, we are promoting free and safe use of the Web that goes beyond standard virus protection and also covers personal data on the Internet and Facebook. According to the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom), 72% of all Germans are online and three-quarters of them are members of social networks, with 16 million alone active on Facebook,” says Thorsten Bruchhäuser, director of consumer business at Avira. “Protecting personal data on the Internet will assume a similarly high priority in the coming years as is currently the case with anti-virus software. We are pleased to be working with Ruftlotse to raise the security level for Internet users a few more notches."

About Ruflotse

Ruflotse protects the privacy and the reputation of private users and companies on the Internet and on Facebook: The online service finds entries on users’ names, children’s names or companies on the Internet. If negative or unpleasant entries, comments, photos, or videos appear on the Internet, the reputation experts at Ruflotse will delete them upon request.

With its Facebook security package, Ruflotse also makes it possible to use Facebook without users having to worry about their reputation. Photo monitoring informs the users when new photos of them appear on Facebook. Child protection and content filters check comments and posts for content that puts children, careers, and businesses at risk. Surf protection warns of phishing attacks, viruses, and other malware and prevents them from spreading further.

As a leading online supplier for privacy and reputation protection, Ruflotse is constantly monitoring and checking the reputation of its customers online – for the benefit of their private lives, careers, and company image. Ruflotse is a product of myON-ID Media. Further information is available at www.ruflotse.de.

About myON-ID Media

myON-ID Media is a pioneer for social media technologies. Core products include iMedia Lounge, myonid.de, and Ruflotse. The iMedia Lounge is a social media content management system (SCMS) that companies use to integrate all social media activities seamlessly into a social media newsroom on their website or to build independent social media portals. Through www.myonid.de, Internet users can set up their personal homepage to present themselves professionally on the Internet. www.ruflotse.de informs private users and companies what is being reported about them online, protects their personal data on Facebook, and deletes, upon request, undesired entries, comments, photos, or videos.

T-Venture, Bayern Kapital, and nexum AG are investors of myON-ID Media. The company was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Munich, Germany, and is headed up by Mario Grobholz and Christian Sigl. Further information is available under www.myonid-media.de.

About Avira

Avira protects people in the connected world – enabling everyone to manage, secure, and improve their digital lives. The Avira umbrella covers a portfolio of security and performance applications for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. In addition, the reach of our protective technologies extends through OEM partnerships. Our security solutions consistently lead in independent tests for detection, performance, and usability. Avira is a family-owned company that employs 500 people. Its headquarters are near Lake Constance, in Tettnang, Germany, and the company has additional offices in Munich, Bucharest, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. A portion of Avira's sales support the Auerbach Foundation, which assists education, children, and families in need. For more information about Avira visit www.avira.com.