Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avira protects from Zimuse worm

The worm Zimuse is overwriting the master boot record from the hard disk so that the system won’t start anymore

Tettnang, 26 January 2010 – Cybercriminals spread the malware “Zimuse” via compromised websites, for example as alleged “IQ-Test” programs. It deletes important sections of the hard disk so that the operating system cannot start.

By overwriting the master boot record the operating system is not bootable anymore. A recovery with a bootable Windows installation CD is possible though.

The malware is not just being spread via infected websites, but also trying to spread via the autorun mechanism for USB drives.

Antimalware solutions from Avira detect the worm as “Worm/Zimuse.A” with the VDF update of Monday this week. Users of Avira Security Solutions thus are protected from this threat.

Besides the basic protection of the free Avira AntiVir Personal, Avira offers a better protection with Avira AntiVir Premium. Its WebGuard filters malware even before it reaches the web browser, while the MailGuard cleans emails from viruses. It is available for $44.99. Even more protection is available with Avira Premium Security Suite. The package adds a firewall to the capabilities of Avira AntiVir Premium which helps against network attacks, a web filter to protect the children from unsuitable content, AntiSpam and back-up. It is available for $57.99.

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