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Surf privately

Phantom VPN anonymizes your browsing

  • Hides your location
    We assign you a virtual IP Adress to conceal your location.

  • Covers your tracks
    We make it much harder for advertisers to build your online profile.

  • Doesn’t keep logs
    As a security company based in privacy-conscious Germany, we don’t track what you do.

Connect securely

Phantom VPN encrypts your communications

  • Secures your WiFi
    Safely surf on public hotspots such as at cafes, airports, and hotels.

  • Protects your data
    Keep your credit card details and account credentials encrypted.

  • Uses military-grade encryption
    Enjoy the industry’s gold standard in encryption: 256-AES.

Access globally

Phantom VPN bypasses Internet censorship

  • Unlocks social networks
    Access Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn wherever you are.

  • Accesses news services
    Climb over national firewalls to watch the Daily Show, BBC iPlayer, etc.

  • Benefits gamers
    Access geo-blocked servers and download the latest games.

Download anonymously

Phantom VPN conceals your online activities

  • Protects you from DNS leaks
    We protect you from DNS leaks , so no activities can be traced to you.

  • Includes a fail-safe
    We ensure that even if your VPN connection drops, your identity remains hidden.

  • Defeats ISP throttling
    We hide your activities from your ISP, so it can’t slow you down based on what you do.

Use easily

Phantom VPN is easy to use

  • Offers pushbutton convenience
    On. Off. On. Off. It’s that simple.

  • Works on multiple devices
    Use VPN on all your devices simultaneously.

  • Includes 30-day money-back guarantee
    Need we say more?

Watch freely

Phantom VPN gives you access to more streaming sites*

  • Expands your choice of services
    Watch movies and TV series on HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Lifetime, etc.

  • Unlocks access to music-streaming sites
    Listen to the latest tracks on Spotify, Pandora, Vevo, etc.

  • Helps you follow your favorite teams
    Watch sports on ESPN, Sky Sports, Premier League, etc.

    *Phantom VPN is not a substitution for a subscription to streaming websites, but it does give you the chance to subscribe in regions where the service is restricted.

Trusted by over 1 million
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“Extremely simple” – Chip

“Every internet security company offers some form of privacy protection… but Avira takes this to the next level with its own VPN product.” – Techradar pro

“Performance was a major plus” – Betanews

How does a VPN work?

Avira Phantom VPN directs all your web traffic via a private and secure data tunnel, which encrypts your communications and prevents them from being intercepted. At the same time, you get a new IP address, which helps you access websites that are unavailable in your region and prevents advertisers from tracking you across websites.





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> Do you track any info?

We do not track the websites you visit nor any info that can link activities back to you.

We do measure how much traffic is consumed, and collect some diagnostic data (e.g. bugs), which you can disable from within the product.

> Can governments request data?

Our policy is as follows: we cannot share what we don't know.

We must legally comply with the legislation in countries we operate, so we ensure we have nothing sensitive to share.

> Why measure how much traffic is used?

To calculate our costs for hosting the infrastructure.

Think of it as a secure piping service: we offer the infrastructure (“VPN tunnels”), you decide how you use it (streaming, shopping, gaming, etc.), and all we know is how much volume flows through it.

> How secure is your encryption?

Avira uses the 256 Advanced Encryption Standard.

This encryption standard offers more combination possibilities than there are stars in the universe (1042). It would take billions of computers longer to crack the encryption than the age of our universe (13.8 billion years).

Computer, laptop,
Smartphone, or tablet?

Phantom VPN runs on all your
devices – simultaneously

Windows 7 and later

Android 4.0.3 and later

iOS 9 and later

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later

Chrome 61 and later

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