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Avira URL Cloud

Cloud-based detection of harmful websites in real-time

Avira URL Cloud (AUC) enables security solutions and services to protect users from phishing and malicious web sites. Due to its distributed and flexible architecture and implementation based on open standard, the web filter can be used in any kind of solution, including desktop/mobile applications, network-filtering software, and gateways.

Phishing is a very effective online fraud method, which uses fake websites to obtain user logins and passwords, credit card information or even online identity information in order to steal money or spread spam and malware.

Some of these malicious websites remain active only for a few hours and it’s imperative that the links to them are always up-to-date.

This technology can be used in several ways, to prevent the end-user from landing on dangerous URLs:

  • Browser extensions to filter computer traffic
  • Desktop security solutions and suites
  • Web proxies (e.g. Squid)
  • ICAP servers
  • Email filters (to block emails that contain dangerous URLs)

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