What is adware?

Adware is often part of other software installations, and not always easy to detect. These days one in four virus attacks starts with an infected ad. Protect yourself from potentially malicious online advertisements, stop redirects to dangerous websites, and keep your privacy safe with our free Antivirus software – it offers the best security.

Why should you use an Adware Cleaner?

Adware shows annoying or infected advertisements on your device without your permission and you get spammed with banners and pop-ups. Adware differs from normal ad in that:

  • Adware software has been installed without your knowledge and runs hidden in the background.
  • Adware manipulates the web browser to redirect you to external websites.
  • You are being tracked. Your online surfing and shopping behavior is being collected without your knowledge or consent.

Advantages of our free application removal tool and adware scan

Our free Antivirus solution includes a PUA Shield that identifies potentially unwanted applications (PUA) hidden in legitimate software. The PUA Shield is an addition to the Browser Safety extension that identifies and blocks unwanted application downloads and can recommend secure alternatives. The extension helps you to surf the internet more safely in four ways:

  1. It stops you from visiting malicious websites with phishing content and poisoned links. You never land on a harmful website where cybercriminals could try to intercept the personal data you enter.
  2. Your privacy is better protected from browser trackers, so advertisement networks cannot track you.
  3. The PUA Shield recognizes hidden software in download portals and recommends secure alternatives. This means you can download the software you want, without hidden adware.
  4. The Ad blocker prevents malicious ads, pop-ups, and banners from loading.

Download the adware removal tool now

The anti-adware tool stops all kinds of annoying and potentially risky advertisements. The tool is compatible with all your internet devices:

  • The PUA Shield is part of the Browser Safety extension that belongs to our free Antivirus and is available for Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • If you have a Mac, you can also easily download our free Antivirus for Mac and benefit from all the advantages this security solution offers.

If you wish, you can also simply download the Avira Browser Safety tool for safe browsing, privacy protection, PUA Shield and an ad blocker. This tool is available as an extension for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Get your free antivirus solution and the best adware remover to protect yourself and your system. Say goodbye to annoying banners and pop-ups, unwanted ads, and the risk of virus attacks through infected ads. Download Avira Antivirus now for free!

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