Avira Antivirus
2018 Edition

The first-ever full suite of free
security software

We’re redefining security with the world’s first full package of free protection solutions.
And we’ll keep you updated with new features as we make them available.

Next-gen Security


Protected Privacy


Enhanced Performance

Device optimization


Forget about
remembering passwords

Avira Password Manager creates unique, unhackable passwords for all your accounts, securely stores them, then automatically logs you in. And you can use it on all your devices.


Make your searches
safer and faster

Weary of your search engine tracking your queries? Avira SafeSearch is a browser extension that highlights infected sites in – and gives you faster access to – your search results.



Ransomware, a €1 billion industry, is growing 300% yearly. Our 2017 antivirus solutions identify, block, and remove ransomware before it takes your data hostage.


Evade global
surveillance with VPN

Avira Phantom VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your communications, evading snoops, confounding advertisers, and bypassing geo-restricted websites.


Get smarter with
Avira System Speedup

Our tune-up solution is vital intelligence: it wipes any traces of your online history, optimizes PC speed, and frees up drive space when you need it.


Security layers constantly
added to your Suite!

After upgrading, you’ll not only benefit from the latest additions to our 2017 portfolio, you’ll be the first to get new security components and services – for free – as soon as they launch.

Give yourself more speed, privacy, and protection layers with Free Security Suite

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Avira Free Security Suite product box shot
Free Security Suite

Essential protection

  • Stops ransomware & other threats
  • Blocks phishing & infected sites
  • Prevents browser tracking

PC clean & tune (free version)

  • Fix your speed, memory, and privacy
  • Full system optimization

VPN Anonymity (500 MB/month)

  • Encrypts your communications
  • Mask your location (IP address)
  • Bypass geo-restricted content


  • New protection layers added continuously to your Suite

Password Manager

  • Creates strong and unique passwords
  • Automatically logs you in to your accounts
  • Runs on all your devices

Secure Searches

  • Warns you of infected sites in your search results
  • Offers customizable settings with a region/language selector.

Now that you’re all set, tell your family and friends about Avira Free Security Suite!