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  • Get extra speed & faster starts
  • Free up storage space & memory
  • Clean your system & browsers
"One of the best tune-up tools on the market”
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Faster starts and quicker processing

Avira streamlines the way programs and apps open and run on your device, so you enjoy faster startups and smoother surfing. 

  • Blocks apps that hog your resources
  • Frees up memory
  • Reduces freezing and crashes


Free up storage space

No need to keep buying new hard drives or SD cards. Over time, your storage fills up with junk, temporary, and cached files. Use Avira to take control and clear them out!

Stay mobile for longer

Keep working and enjoying life wherever you are. Squeeze every drop of juice from your battery with a range of smart, energy efficient features. Laptops, tablets, and mobiles – Avira improves batteryperformance for them all.

Made in Germany.
Downloaded by millions.

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19,000+ reviews

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46,000 + ratings

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8 reasons to optimize your devices

Faster starts

More space

Better gaming

More battery

Save money

More privacy

More stability


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