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Believe it or not, adding high-performance malware protection to your product range can be a quick and easy process!

Leverage Avira’s internationally acclaimed technology to strengthen your value proposition and become the preferred solution provider for your customers.

Take advantage of Avira’s smart branding

The Avira products support SMART branding: quick replacement of logo and other branding elements in the Avira Control Center. Additional layout customization is possible for specific projects.

Secure more profits

  • Decrease time-to-market through easy and fast co-branding of Avira products.
  • Start selling new products almost instantly, without any development or integration requirements.
  • Generate additional revenue streams based on new or extended security business lines.

Optimize your clients’

  • Offer more products and value-added services based on features and benefits you could not offer before.
  • Reliable, extremely powerful Avira technology with award-winning detection performance.
  • Fast reaction to new dangers through the Avira Protection Lab.

Offer unique value to your customers

  • Extremely low administration costs through automated workflows and central management.
  • Intuitive operation without long, expensive training times.
  • All business licenses include updates, upgrades, support.

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