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Award-winning security, free to download

  • Avira Prime

    Avira Prime gives you convenient access to all our premium services (protection, privacy & performance), at a flat monthly rate with zero obligation. It offers cross-platform solutions for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • ProductBoxshot_AV-Pro_EN

    Avira Antivirus Pro

    Former Avira Antivirus Suite
    Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 offers advanced protection technologies that proactively secure you against malware attacks designed to steal your identity, wallet, and personal data.

  • Avira Internet Security Boxshot


    Avira Internet Security offers premium web protection, making sure you never fall victim to malware, while simultaneously safeguarding your shopping, banking, and surfing. On top, our integrated Firewall Manager helps you prevent unauthorized PC access and data leaks.

  • Avira Optimization Suite Boxshot

    Avira Optimization Suite

    Avira Optimization Suite is an all-in-one performance utility that speeds up your PC, frees up disk space, cleans your registry, and wipes all traces of your online activities. In addition, it includes best-in-class antivirus, which protects your identity, shields you from ransomware, and secures you while shopping, banking, and surfing.

  • Avira Phantom VPN Pro Boxshot

    Avira Phantom VPN Pro

    Browse the web anonymously with Avira Phantom VPN. Encrypts your connection via a VPN proxy server, hides your IP address and bypasses geo-restrictions. Available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

  • Avira System Speedup Pro Boxshot

    Avira System Speedup Pro

    In just one minute, you can cut loose all the accumulated runaway processes, bad registry entries and files lost in limbo that are bogging down your computer. Unleash the potential of your PC; optimize the use of your programs and files to recover your PC’s lost speed.

  • Avira Software Updater Pro Boxshot

    Avira Software Updater Pro

    Avira Software Updater Pro is the easiest way to keep your software up to date and automatically patched against security vulnerabilities. It covers over 150 applications for Windows, identifies the outdated ones and silently installs the latest versions for you.

  • Avira Antivirus Pro - Business Edition

    Simple yet sophisticated security – ideal for small and medium businesses

    Available for: Windows | Mac OS X

  • Avira Antivirus Server

    Avira Antivirus Server protects your business files and customer data from malicious attacks without hogging your system’s resources.

    Available for: Windows

  • Avira Exchange Security

    Solid antivirus protection for Microsoft Exchange Server

    Available for: Windows

    File version: 17.1.5035.0
    File size: 273MB
    Release date: Apr 14, 2019

  • Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

    Award-winning antivirus protection for PCs and file servers - ideal for small businesses.

    Available for: Windows

  • Avira Antivirus for Small Business

    All-in-one protection for PCs, file servers, & Exchange servers - ideal for small businesses.
    Note: for the product installation both files – Antivirus and Exchange - must be downloaded. Antivirus includes Client and Server Security.

    Available for: Windows


    The Support Collector utility enables Avira users to receive timely support and more effective troubleshooting. It creates a detailed error analysis of your system so that Avira’s specialists can pinpoint any software issues quickly.
    Available for: Windows | macOS


    This module optimizes the ability of Avira staff to provide effective support. With your permission, Avira Support will use this application to log on to your machine remotely and fix problems directly. It’s the next best thing to a house call!

     Available for: Windows | macOS


    The Avira Registry Cleaner removes all keys created by Avira. Running this utility is strongly recommended before installing a new version.

     Available for: Windows

  • Avira Mirror

    The installation product for system administrators which need to distribute connected Avira products inside their company network to clients that have no internet connection or where bandwidth needs to be saved.

    Available for: Windows

  • Avira Rescue System

    The Avira Rescue System scans and repairs malware-infected computers that no longer boot or are generally unresponsive. Running on both Windows and Linux operating systems, our integrated scan and repair app is highly intuitive and easy to use. Are you concerned about recovering data from your system? If so, the Avira Rescue System is the ideal tool for you. And if for some reason you need outside assistance, the Rescue System can establish a remote desktop connection with Avira Support. The Avira Rescue System is updated daily so that the most recent security updates are always available. To use the Rescue System burn it to a DVD or copy it to a bootable USB stick and then boot your system from that DVD or USB stick.