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Awards and Certifications

We’re proud to offer you some of the most awarded security products in the industry

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Our most recent awards for 2019




AppEsteem wanted to know if Internet Security Suite could detect and block malicious apps in download bundles. The answer was a resounding “yes” as our software obtained a perfect score of 100%.

In July, AV-Comparatives put our Antivirus for Android through its paces. The result? We’re in top-top shape with a detection rate of 99.9%, zero false positives, and minimal battery drain. 

Our Antivirus for Android also performed well in the AV-Test Mobile Security Test. It achieved full marks for protection, performance, and ease of use. 

They weren’t finished with us yet... AV-Test then examined our protection for Windows. The Avira solution achieved 17 out of  18 possible points and obtained a certification. 

CheckLab tested our Antivirus for Windows 10 under real-world conditions with the latest threats. Avira bravely blocked all 995 attacks to achieve the highest level of certification. Yes!

In June it was time for our Antivirus for Mac to flex its muscles. It scored 17 out of 18 possible points in three categories—protection, performance, and ease-of-use—earning the coveted AV-Test-certified MacOS seal.

In another AV-Comparatives test, our Mac solution achieved a detection rate of 99.8%, gaining a recommendation.

The biannual Real World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives is one of the industry’s most prestigious tests. We were delighted to achieve no less than a 100% protection rate and the highest distinction: Advanced+.

They weren’t finished with us yet... AV-Test then examined our protection for Windows. The Avira solution achieved 17 out of  18 possible points and obtained a certification. 


    How effective is an antivirus against phishing attacks? AV-Comparatives wanted to find out. Thankfully, our antivirus passed their rigorous anti-phishing test. There wasn’t “one that got away”…

    Full points from...Poland! Thank you to the Polish AVLab test institute for recommending our Free and Pro Antivirus. Both versions detected and blocked all 253 live threats in a test.

    ​​​​​​May was a strong month for our antivirus. Antivirus Security for Android was in full bloom for spring and achieved great test results, scooping up an AV-Test certification.

    No April Fool’s joke (we promise): Antivirus Pro was crowned the top product for outstanding performance in AV-Test’s monthly Consumer Product Test.

    The AV-Comparatives Malware Protection Test really puts security software through its paces. Antivirus Pro achieved a 100% success rate as it fended off all attacks, whether from the web or via network drives and external devices.

    This time our Antivirus solution blocked 99% of all unwanted applications in the AppEsteem Deceptor Test. It also correctly identified all legitimate and certified software as safe.

    And that’s not all: Our antivirus for Android smartphones also achieved AV-Test certification.

    Avira scored highly for performance, protection, and ease of use to scoop AV-Test’s Top Product award in February.

    Independent testers, AVLab, recommended Antivirus Pro and praised our browser extension, Avira Browser Safety.

    We got off to a strong start in the New Year: The AV-Comparatives Test runs for a full year and Antivirus Pro emerged as the Top Rated Product 2018.

    We secured AV-Test Awards in 2018 in the test categories of Best Performance and Best Repair.

    The Deceptor Test by AppEsteem checks if antivirus protection also blocks potentially unwanted applications. Avira Antivirus scored 100%.

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    We were delighted to receive the coveted Top Product badge of honor in AV-Test’s Monthly Consumer Product Testing for December 2018. Our Antivirus Pro achieved 18/18 points in the “Protection“, “Performance“, and “Usability” categories.

    Avira Antivirus for Mac was also awarded AV-Test certification with strong results in protection, performance, and ease of use.Our Antivirus Pro performed admirably well in the prestigious Real-World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives. It scored top marks in the “Protection” and “False Positives” categories to gain prestigious “Advanced+” certification.


    The AV-Comparatives Malware Removal Test trials how well security solutions clean infected systems. Avira achieved 94 out of a possible 100 points to be crowned with “Advanced+”—the highest certification.

    In November, our Avira Antivirus Security for Android gained AV-Test security certification. Our Antivirus Security for Mac also shone in another AV-Test, achieving full marks in the “Protection” and “Usability” categories, and an exceptionally high score for “Performance”. Overall, our top marks were deemed worthy of the AV-Test MacOS seal.


    It also received a 2-star award by AV Comparatives for a strong showing in its performance test.

    Avira Antivirus Pro received the latest Top Product award by AV Test, with top marks in protection, performance, and usability.


    As for Avira Antivirus Security for Android, it received AV Test’s mobile security certification.

    With a near perfect score in both malware removal and malware protection, Avira Antivirus Pro received two top Advanced+ awards by AV Comparatives.


    Two top awards earned this month: A 100% detection score in AV Comparatives’ Real-world protection test and a perfect 18/18 from AV Test, earning top marks in protection, performance, and usability – along with this month’s top product award.


    In AV Test’s July review, Avira Antivirus Security for Android scored a full 6 out of 6 points in both protection and usability, with no noticeable impact on battery life, device speed or network traffic. In another test the same month by AV comparatives, Antivirus Security for Android scored 99.8% in a detection test with 0 false positives.

    Avira Antivirus Pro for Mac earned a whopping 100% detection rate and 0 false positives in AV Comparatives’ annual certification test.


    In addition, both the Mac and Windows editions of Antivirus Pro earned AV test certifications this month.

    Avira Antivirus Pro earned two top awards this month – one in AV Comparatives’ demanding real-world protection test where it blocked 99.7% of threats, and one for AV Test, where it earned the Top Product award with 6/6 in protection, performance, and usability.

    May awarded both Free Antivirus and Antivirus Pro the top award for anti-ransom, anti-cryptominer, and anti-bashware.

    In another test this month, AV-Test certified Antivirus Security for Android with excellent scored across protection, performance, and usability.


    1. AV Comparatives reviewed Antivirus Pro in a performance test, and awarded it its two-star seal of approval!

    2. Avira Antivirus Pro is yet again the winner of the Top Product award! It achieved a perfect 6/6 in protection, performance, and usability.

    A busy month for reviews, with results out from SE Labs, AV Comparatives, and AV Test!


    With a near perfect score in its online protection test and the lowest rate of false alarms in the industry, Antivirus Pro received AV Comparatives’ top Advanced + award.

    The same month, with excellent results in protection and usability, Avira’s premium Android app was certified by AV Test.


    With five Advanced + awards last year, Avira Antivirus Pro was discerned AV Comparatives’ “Top Rated” award for 2017 and the joint silver award in the Real-word Protection Test. It received particular commendation for the “all-new program interface, which is as easy to use with a touchscreen as with keyboard and mouse.”

    Antivirus Pro was also certified by AV-Test and named among the best Antivirus software for Windows Home users, with overall very good results in the categories Protection, Performance and Usability.


    Yet another very solid performance by Avira Antivirus Security (for Android) with yet another certification.