The Avira
Christmas Challenge

Help our Rudolph by solving fun tasks
— and get great gifts in return.

What kind of gifts? >

Gifts for all!

Our Christmas Challenge is divided into three rounds, each offering you a chance to win free licenses for our most popular products. Complete all three rounds, and you have a chance to win a brand-new iPhone X.

See terms and conditions >

If successful in the first round (which runs December 1-10), you will win a
3-month license for Software Updater Pro. This also makes you eligible to win an annual license for the same software.

Which tasks do I have to solve? >

Task 1:
The virtual wish list

Christmas is in jeopardy! Well, the presents are. Rudolph, Santa’s trusted helper, uses a digital wish list (he’s a hip reindeer), but the list urgently needs to be updated.
Can you help?

And how exactly do I do that? >

Here’s how to
help Rudolph

  • Check if your software is up to date by downloading and installing Avira Software Updater — it’s free! (Already have it? Then skip this step.)

    Download Software Updater >
  • Open the program and run an automatic scan.

  • Once complete, a banner will appear.
    Click on it.

  • Done: You get a 3-month license for Software Updater Pro. This fixes security flaws present in your software and drivers.