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The most feature-rich Password Manager

  • Automatically logs you in to your online accounts
  • Generates strong, unique passwords and securely stores them
  • Includes antivirus, VPN, cleanup tools and more.

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Automatically create highly secure passwords

Too many accounts, too few passwords? Today’s passwords are hard enough to create, let alone remember. Minimum 8 characters. Numbers. Symbols... Password Manager generates and remembers unique, strong passwords for you.

Never forget a password again

Fed up of clicking “Forgot your password”? Avira Password Manager saves your passwords and unlike browsers, it encrypts them before securely storing them in the cloud. You can access all your accounts with just one master password and manage them from your online dashboard.

Automatically log in to your accounts

Say goodbye to tedious typing. Password Manager can be set to auto-fill your passwords and details on all your accounts (like in your browser). Online shopping has never been faster—or your Facebook profile so secure. There’s even an effortless auto-fill feature for iPhone and Android* that logs you in to your apps and favorite websites.

*Available for iOS12, and Android 8 (Oreo) and 9 (Pie). 

Sync passwords across all your devices

PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or tablet…enjoy the freedom to access your passwords from any device: Avira Password Manager is available as an online dashboard or smartphone app. The dashboard works in conjunction with the Avira browser extension you use to save your passwords automatically.

Is one Master Password really safe enough?

Much like online banking, Avira offers extra safeguards to prevent your Master Password from being compromised. 

Touch & Face ID:

Access your passwords on your phone with just your thumb or via your phone’s face recognition software.

2-factor authentication:

To log in, you can receive a security code on your phone (optional). Just enter it along with your master password.

Bank-grade encryption:

All your passwords are securely encrypted and inaccessible, even to hackers.

Restricted access:

Only you can see and access your passwords. Even Avira does not know what they are.

Data privacy:

Avira is a security expert and abides by strict privacy policies. Your data is safe with us and won’t be shared with or sold to 3rd parties.

Keep more than your password secret

Password Manager securely stores your notes and credit cards.

  • Manage and access your secure notes from all your devices

  • Scan your credit cards from your mobile app or manually add them

  • Access your saved credit cards on all your devices 

What's included?

Everything you need to say goodbye to scammers and hackers




Protects you against all online threats, including malicious websites, ransomware, and spyware.

Browser tracking blocker

Prevents thousands of ad networks from tracking you across websites.

Free VPN

Secures and anonymizes your online activities (browsing, chats, emails, etc.)*

Password Manager

Secures your online accounts with strong and unique passwords that you don't need to remember.

Anti-Scam protection

Protects you from scams on social networks and in your inbox, including those about COVID-19.

Speed Booster

Improves your PC's performance, speeds you up and accelerates your system starts.

Software Updates

Helps you update your OS, outdated apps and drivers for more security and better performance.

PC cleaner

Wipes your digital traces from browsers and apps - and helps prevent Windows from tracking you.

* Our VPN offers 500 MB/month of free, encrypted web traffic

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Get everything you need for private digital life


Avira Password Manager remembers all your passwords, so you don’t have to. They’re stored securely in a digital vault and synced across all your devices. Rest assured that no one, apart from you (not even Avira), has access to your passwords. You have the option to assign tags to saved accounts, add credit cards, save notes to passwords, or create stand-alone notes. They are securely stored inside Avira Password Manager. 

Now you can have one less thing to remember: your passwords. They’re safely stored and at your disposal whenever you need them.

  • Your passwords are stored in a highly secured online vault. All your sensitive data is encrypted with your Master Password.

  • Your passwords are synchronized across your desktop and mobile devices.

  • Your passwords are regularly backed up to prevent data loss.

  • You can auto-fill your passwords on your desktop and mobile devices.

  • You can auto-save your passwords with the save pop-up for new accounts.

  • The security status checks how secure your accounts and passwords are and warns you in case of findings.

Furthermore, we’re award-winning security specialists with a proud history of 30 years.  Over 100 million satisfied customers worldwide trust Avira to keep their digital lives and data safe. Our software is German-engineered, and your data is stored in Germany – in accordance with all EU legislation, of course.

Avira Password Manager offers free and pro versions. You decide which feature set is more relevant for you and what you need. All basic functionalities like generating passwords, using auto-fill on webpages, adding credit cards, securing notes, or syncing across devices are offered in the free version. For the pro version, we offer you enhanced security with a security status feature. You can check if your online accounts have been hacked, if the websites you’re registered on are unsafe, or if your passwords are weak or reused. 

All your sensitive data and passwords are encrypted with your Master Password and that is the only way it can also be decrypted. No one apart from you, not even Avira, has access to your passwords.

Please make sure to use a strong and unique Master Password. It is important that you always remember it! 

Your data is regularly backed up to prevent any data loss. For added security, enable two-step verification for your account, under Settings.

We’re glad you asked!


  1. Register and create a master password:

Web Dashboard

We recommend registering on the web dashboard to get the most out of Avira Password Manager at The web dashboard can be accessed from any device. You will then be prompted to create a Master Password.

Don’t forget to add our browser extension under Settings to benefit from all the product features.

The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla FirefoxEdge and Opera.



Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and have all your passwords with you, wherever you go. You can login with the same credentials as your dashboard, or you can set up an account and a Master Password within the app itself.


  1. Tour your Password Manager

Your vault is where you can manage your passwords and notes, view the security status of your accounts, and edit Settings for a more customized experience.


  1. You’re all set!

Say hello to an easier and more secure online experience.

The dashboard provides you an overview of all your passwords, credit cards, and notes and shows you the security status for your accounts. In Get Started, you will find valuable tips on using the Password Manager. You can also see all the devices you’re using with the Password Manager installed under Connected Devices. 

The browser extension, once installed, appears on the extension panel of your browser. With the browser extension you can:

  • Auto-save passwords
    Use the Save Pop-up to add new accounts while logging in to websites.
  • Auto-fill login forms
    Auto-fill your username and password into login forms by clicking on the Avira Password Manager icon in the form field.
  • Navigate to a site
    Open the extension and click on one of your sites. The extension will navigate you to the site and auto-fill the username and password for you.
  • Open the web dashboard
    Open extension, click on User Menu and then on the Open Web Dashboard.


Using the browser extension with the dashboard offers a simpler way to manage your online security!

Your data is stored locally on your device and in the cloud. Avira Password Manager encrypts your data with your Master Password, which only you know, and therefore only you have access to your data.

Storing the data in the cloud has two key benefits:

  • Your data is regularly backed up to keep it safe.
  • You can always access it from multiple devices.

Sure, you can! Avira Password Manager lets you import your passwords from your browser or from other password managers. Click on Import data under Settings.

Browser: For users with a Windows 10 system, you can directly import your passwords from your browser into Avira Password Manager.

CSV file: Export your passwords into a CSV file from any password manager or browser and import them on Avira Password Manager. After the import, we recommend deleting all unencrypted CSV files or storing them securely.

To prevent your passwords from falling into the wrong hands, we recommend switching on the Auto-Lock function under Settings. This locks all your passwords and notes after a set period, and they will only be accessible with your Master Password.

If you lose a device with the Password Manager, go to Connected devices on the dashboard and remove the lost device. You will be locked out of Password Manager on that device.

Your Master Password is used to secure and encrypt all your passwords and data. Your Master Password should be long, random, unique and easy to remember.


Here are two ways you can create a strong Master Password.


1) Passphrase method

Think of 4 random words which you can easily remember and link them together with special characters. Make sure you use both uppercase and lowercase letters.


Example: Mountain-Lawn-Yellow-Zebra


2) Sentence method

Think of a long sentence which you can easily remember. Use the first character of each word to create your password. Use uppercase and lowercase letters and combine the letters with numbers and special characters.


Example: The car is green – it has two doors and four wheels = tCig-ih#2D&fourW

You have two options:

a. You are still logged in on a mobile device with biometrics:

If you are still logged in on your mobile device and have fingerprint, touch ID, or face ID activated you can set a new Master Password on your mobile without losing your data.

To do so, please go to Settings and select Change Master Password and follow the instructions.

b. You are not logged in on a mobile device:

As Avira does not know your Master Password and therefore does not have access to your data, there is no possibility to restore access. You have the option to reset your account and set a new Master Password, but this will erase all your existing data.

To do so, when prompted to enter the Master Password click the “reset account” link at the bottom and follow the instructions.

We’ll be disappointed to see you go! Before you delete your account, we recommend exporting your data. To delete your account and all the data held within Avira Password Manager, please follow these steps: On the online dashboard, under Settings click Delete Avira Password Manager data. Then uninstall the Password Manager browser extension from all your browsers. Also delete the Avira Password Manager app from all your mobile phones and tablets. Your Avira account will still remain. If you choose so, you can delete your Avira account at If you were unhappy with anything, we’re always grateful for feedback as it allows us to improve our products. Thank you!