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Halloween zombie and zombies apocalypse - Phantom VPN

Surviving the online zombie apocalypse

As  the nights lengthen and the damp, chilly weather sends a chill up your spine – beware. The zombies are out and after you and your device. The danger is more than the bloodshot eyes, fake guts, and gunpowder-grey faces of Hollywood zombies, staggering down the street as they sniff out potential victims. While online zombies are not as visually repelling as the movie variety – their presence is everywhere in cyberspace, wreaking havoc as they grab the vulnerable and unprotected.

Here come the zombies

Online zombies don’t even have to physically bite you or your device to cause pain. They just have to sit at the same restaurant with you, have access to the Wi-Fi router, or be the network administrator at your hotel. That is all they need to listen in on the details about your private life or to uncover information about your financial affairs. And you just have to hope that these zombies won’t turn against you or misuse this data.

What’s your response going to be?

Since the risk from online zombies is actual, the important question is what your response will be. There are three basic responses to the looming zombie apocalypse: ignore everything, run fast, or get a defense strategy. What are you going to pick?

Ignore everything

Some people are simply blasé about the zombie risks. Bad things only happen to someone else, so they are not actively concerned. That café’s Free Wi-Fi network looks just fine and there is even a password. What could possibly go wrong?

Run fast

The screaming masses fleeing the zombie hordes are a staple part of every film. They know the danger, they are scared witless, and they run straight into danger. When finding zombies online, they act impulsively, click on the wrong buttons at a phishing site, and are quickly overwhelmed.

Go defense

The anti-zombie hero in films assumes that zombies are everywhere and that he – or she – should always use hide whenever possible. This means keeping all communication with other non-zombies secure under lock and key and concealing his real location.

Picking the best anti-zombie VPN

A VPN is your primary defense against the zombie onslaught. It works by placing your communication in a secured and encrypted envelop, then delivering this message directly to the desired recipient. And that’s not all. A VPN will let you choose a virtual IP address, letting you put a zombie mask on and out-tricking the zombies over your real location. Altogether, a VPN is a powerful tool – but not all VPNs are created equal.

  1. Make it real – For secure and encrypted communication, a “proxy VPN” is just not enough. A Proxy VPN works like a forwarding notice to allow communication via another virtual location. While that might be enough to circumvent a geo-restriction, it does nothing to encrypt messages or secure your privacy.
  2. Full device portfolio coverage – Many people have a mixed portfolio of devices – but they still need VPN coverage for them. The easiest way to do this is to get a single VPN with a license for all devices regardless of their OS.
  3. Size matters – Lifestyle dictates VPN user, with those streaming movies needing more bandwidth that traditional surfers just exchanging cat pictures on Facebook. Phantom VPN is available free to all, registered free users have a data allowance of up to 1GB/month. But, subscribers to the Pro version receive unlimited data traffic.

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