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What is beta testing? Was ist ein Beta-Test? Che cos'è il test beta? Qu’est-ce qu’un test bêta ?

What is beta testing?

Installing a near final, potentially buggy and unstable application on a real system with the possibility to provide feedback to developers directly. That’s beta testing.

Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds but if you are trying to summarize beta testing in one sentence you might end up with something like that.

What is beta testing?

So … what is beta testing?

Beta testing is the final stage of testing, outside of the company, in the so-called “real-world”. But what’s the difference between “real-world” and laboratory environments? Every system is unique. This already starts with the updates of the operating system and continues with the installed software and their patch-level. So you can’t replicate that environment in a laboratory and this is why BETA tests on real systems are so crucial prior releasing a software to the general public.

The more Beta testers install the software, the better the gathered feedback. Naturally, Beta testers should also be prone to submit every single error to the developers, no matter how unimportant it may seem.

What beta testing processes do we use at Avira?

We at Avira use the Beta testing methodology to launch our products with more confidence and include potential customers in the development process.

At the end of a sprint in the Agile development cycle, we have a software package which has passed our continuous automated and manual tests. That’s where beta testing starts!
All internal tests have proven that there is no known major issue. So for the final stage of testing, it’s time to give it into the hands of people outside of the company. Including real users gives us the chance to run this software in an even larger selection of devices in order to find critical issues which could otherwise hit our customers.

Usually, a beta tester is more technically advanced than a normal user of our products. In a close collaboration with our community, we analyze if something fails or if we can release it with confidence – and this helps a lot!

So if you want to get your hands on the very latest Avira technology, feel free to sign up at our Avira Beta Center. We are looking forward to your honest feedback when it comes to the usage and experience with the product.

Create your account at the Avira Beta Center here:

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