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WannaCry is back – as a phishing scam

Even more than a year later people still get scared when they see or hear WannaCry. That’s probably why a mail in the inbox folder with the subject “Attantion WannaCry!!!” (sic!) will strike fear in everyone’s heart.

The mail itself claims that it will infect the receivers PC with the good old WannaCry ransomware if the set ransom is not paid, but fear not: It’s just a phishing scam.

The craziest ransomware ever … if it were real

The London police have recently warned against an unusually large wave of phishing mails. The cybercriminals claim in their phishing mail that they will unleash a very dangerous virus that will first encrypt and then erase every data on all of their victims’ devices if they will not pay up. The mail continues to say that the ransomware is so good, that no Antivirus will be able to detect it and that it will run on Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux devices.

The only way out of this mess: Pay a ransom of 0,1 Bitcoins – around $650 – and you will be safe and the malware deleted from your system. Once the payment has been made the victims are supposed to get a mail that will tell them how to prevent that their data will be deleted.

Image: @pronetworksuk

Don’t pay up – it’s just a scam

Luckily for everyone, the above mail is just a scam of some cybercriminals trying to get some quick cash by scaring people into believing that WannaCry is back and on their systems. The ransomware wreaked havoc over Europe and the rest of the world last year when it spread fast and encrypted not only private citizens PCs but also that of health institutions and companies.

While only a scam, make sure you delete it ASAP and don’t click on any links or open any attachments – and please don’t pay any ransom demanded in the mails.

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