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Excellent privacy protection with the Phantom VPN Chrome extension

The Phantom VPN Chrome extension is here, giving you easier access to the security and privacy of a real VPN without having to go outside of your favorite browser.

What’s the Phantom VPN Chrome extension

Phantom VPN extension gives you all the security and privacy benefits of a full-fledged Virtual Private Network, but does this through your browser, freeing you from having to worry about the VPN setup or even opening up another app. The extension encrypts all of your Chrome browser activities and the addresses of the sites where you have been surfing — and it will also let you pick your own virtual location, unlocking geo-restrictions on where you can go and what you can see. The extension is available through and the Google Play store.

Why put a VPN in your browser?

As a browser extension, Phantom VPN compliments the usual person’s activity flows: 1. Open device, 2. Open browser, and 3. Start surfing. The Phantom VPN Chrome extension is an additional way for people to use our VPN’s encryption and anonymity features in their everyday web surfing. As the user, you have the security of mind from knowing that all of your activities done within the browser, such as surfing or online shopping are now encrypted and safely away from prying eyes.

Is there a difference between the new Phantom VPN browser extension and the Phantom VPN app?

The VPN browser extension secures only activities done within the browser, such as surfing or online shopping. If you are talking on Skype, using VOIP telephones, or doing a P2P download – as just a few examples – these activities are not secured or anonymized by the browser extension. If you need this level of security, then the Phantom VPN app where all communication from the device is encrypted is the package for you.

How private are those postcards?

Most online communication is in the form of unencrypted data packets – something like a postcard. On each, you can see who sent the message, where it is going, and also read the message – all out there in plain view. This has two primary problems. First, this unencrypted message can be read all along the transmission chain by about anyone – the postman, neighbor, and more. That is simply not good for private or sensitive messages. Second, the internet postman does not always pick up or deliver data packets from some locations. This means some virtual locations can’t be visited from the comfort of your home, and it also means that you might not be able to access all the usual home content while on vacation in another country. Location still matters – even in a virtual world.

Do it by registered mail – and you pick the location

With Phantom VPN – both the app and the new browser extension – your messages are enclosed in an encrypted envelope like registered mail. Only you and the recipient can read the letter. It is much more secure and private than the usual communication. Then there is also the advantage of location. With Phantom VPN, you can pick your virtual location – unlocking those geo-restrictions which keep you from watching your favorite shows.

You’ve got room to choose between the free and the Pro Phantom VPN variants

The free variant of Phantom VPN Chrome extension gives users unlimited traffic, but in limited regions. There are also no advertisements – protecting your privacy and improving your user experience. The Pro VPN extension variant provides users with unlimited traffic and a free choice of a wider range of virtual locations.

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