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Useful vacation apps, our staff picks

Vacation! For some it is a welcome opportunity to leave all that technical stuff behind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Smartphones and tablets along with numerous vacation apps can make your holiday experience even better. Whether you are planning ahead, need some help with foreign languages, ​​or if you want to stay physically or mentally fit on vacation, there’s an app for it all. Usually there is not just one, but dozens. That’s why we put together this list of our top picks. Of course, security comes first: Avira Antivirus Security for Android or Avira Mobile Security for iOS belong on every mobile device! 😉

When travelling, many apps are really only fully usable with an Internet connection. Before you travel you should therefore check your mobile phone contract regarding the costs of roaming abroad. If no affordable rates are available, then it may be worthwhile to buy a prepaid card (once you reach your destination) that has data volume included. Otherwise, free WiFi is available in cafes, hotels, restaurants, or inner cities in most cases.

Many of us have a tendency to pack too much into our bags and suitcases, yet unfortunately that one item that would have made the holiday perfect is still missing. Pack the Bag (free, only for iOS) provides customized checklists according to your destination (mountains, beach, camping). Android fans have access to the Pack My Bag app.

Those who generally want to keep track of their trip can also find help in the app stores. TripIt is a well-known example of this category. The app (free/Premium version) is available for iOS and Android, and combines all the documents and information about your trip under one roof. This way, you never have to look for flight confirmations, hotel vouchers, or the phone numbers of car rental agencies again – TripIt has in all in one place. You may also need help once you have arrived. For instance, if you like Moscow but don’t speak Russian. Instant translation tools, such as World Lens (iOS and Android) can be of assistance. Simply point the camera of your smartphone or tablet to the incomprehensible text and World Lens will instantly show you the translation (Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, or Portuguese). The app cannot read handwriting, but signs and menus are no problem. Not even an Internet connection is required.

Doing sports on vacation is a matter of opinion. Some people cannot do without, while for others relaxation means not breaking out in sweat. Those who want to stay in shape in Crete or Cape Town will find support from the right apps. 7 Minute Workout (iOS and Android) uses your body weight for its exercises and therefore works anytime, anywhere.

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