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Top 5 Google Searches of 2016

It’s been a long year, with many unexpected incidents – be it good or bad ones. One thing remains a constant though: People are still using Google to search for … yes, for what?

Google was nice enough to put together a list with the top searches of 2016 – and since it’s fun to take a peek at what (most) other people have been searching for and to find out if you’ve had the same ideas, let’s go!

1) Pokémon Go

The free-to-play kind of augmented reality smartphone game was everywhere this summer. Apparently even on Google since it’s the single most searched for term in 2016. If I’d got a kilometer for every time someone looked it up, I’d probably collected all possible Pokémon by simply hatching eggs like crazy.

2) iPhone 7

What’s more to say? It’s an iPhone and it’s from Apple. People love it and eat up news about it like chocolate sprinkled doughnuts. Yummy!

3) Donald Trump

Be honest: At one point or another you have googled him, too – especially after you couldn’t believe that the U.S. citizens actually elected him as their next president.

4) Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson – better known as just “Prince” – died in April of an overdose of Fentanyl and people cared. A lot. No wonder – after all he wrote and sung iconic songs like “Purple Rain”.

5) Powerball

Nope – it has nothing do to with sports, as every U.S. American will immediately tell you. Powerball is an American lottery game and peeps in the United States apparently are crazy about it, most likely due to the largest jackpot in the lottery’s history: 1.6 billion dollars. 😮

Now – in case you cannot get enough of the top searches head over to the Google Trends page. In addition to finding the top globally searched key words for technology, people, and more, you can also look up what was popular in your own country (or any other for that matter). What a great way to waste spend your time! 😉

How many of the above keywords did you google last year?

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