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The FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals 2018

The FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals 2018

Everyone is always talking about cybercrime: What big botnets have developed, who has been hacked, which latest ransomware is wreaking havoc. What is normally not being talked about is who is behind all those crimes. And that’s where the FBI most wanted list for cyber criminals comes in.

The cybercriminal crème de la crème

So who is actually on that list? Normally the people who have done the most damage with their online hacking activity – and who can be identified with for having committed a certain crime.

The Mabna Institute

From the list the first eight faces basically belong to the Iranian Mabna Institute. Seyed Ali Mirkarimi, Abdollah Karima, Mostafa Sadeghi, Sajjad Tahmasebi, Mohammed Reza Sabahi, Roozbeh Sabahi, and Abuzar Gohari Moqadam apparently were all “employed” hackers and allegedly stealing data and selling them to the Iranian government and universities.

Behzad Mesri

If you think this name might sound familiar you are probably right: He was responsible for the Game of Thrones hack in 2017. Back then the Iranian hacked into HBO, stole episodes and plot summaries for several unaired shows, and then threatened to release them unless he was paid around 6 million dollars.

Danial Jeloudar & Arash Amiri Abedian

The two Iranians have allegedly used malware to steal credit card numbers as well as other personal information in order to defraud goods and services.  In February 2012 Abedian sent Jeloudar around 30,000 payment card records that he used for his schemes. In addition to that Jeloudar stole customer information from a California-based merchant and threatened to leak them. The same company was also DDoS attacked by him later on.

Mohammad Saeed Ajily & Mohammad Reza Rezakhah

Ajily and Rezakhah allegedly wanted for trying to break and breaking into several U.S. defense contractors. They wanted to steal software and information in order to sell them to different governments, including the Iranian one. One of the companies was defense contractor Vermont who is responsible for making software that is designed for aerodynamics analysis and design for projectiles.

Alexsey Belan

Alexsey Belan was already on the list last year and even worth a bounty to the authorities: a whole $100,000. The Russian is wanted for allegedly having broken into three major United States-based e-commerce companies. Afterwards he tried to sell the stolen usernames and passwords on the black market.

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