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The Data Privacy Revolution — A Six-Part Educational Series for Consumers

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

-Alice Walker

America is in the middle of a revolution…a data revolution.

At Avira, we’ve been keeping up on data privacy news and there have been some big stories lately. But one that deserves its time in the spotlight is the CCPA, or California Consumer Privacy Act. In fact, we think it deserves an entire blog series. So, we wrote a six-part educational series on CCPA for consumers.

Now if you live in the Golden State, you’ve surely heard of the CCPA. You’ve probably already experienced some changes since it went into effect on January 1, 2020. You’ve also probably heard it being compared to the GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation that addresses data privacy in Europe.

But don’t think this series isn’t for you. There’s still plenty to learn and understand about protecting data and privacy online. And if you don’t call California home, there’s plenty for you to learn as well.

Stay tuned as we discuss consumer rights under the CCPA, how privacy laws make data safer (or do they?), and what the rest of the country can expect from this new legislation.

But before we dive in, here’s what you need to know about why the CCPA came to be.

Do We Need Data Privacy Laws?

Put simply, we’re creating unimaginable amounts of data. And it’s under attack.

As consumers, we knew our data was being collected. We knew it was being sold. We knew it was being used to create marketing plans and algorithms.

But we felt powerless. After all, the internet is impossible to get away from. And while there are certainly benefits to data collection, we often feel the disadvantages first.

The GDPR opened our eyes. The giant corporations knew the gig was up. Law makers got to work. And the CCPA became the first of its kind in America.

How Has the CCPA for Consumers Been Received So Far?

With the passing of the CCPA, the reactions have been mostly positive.

Consumers are happy that steps are finally being taken to protect their information. They hope other states follow suit (or better yet, a federal law is put into place).

While some businesses feel the law is impossible to fully comply with, many are seeing the CCPA as an opportunity to exceed customer expectations. They’re doing this by meeting requirements early or even extending the reach of the law by offering new data privacy options to all their customers, not just those in California.

And as for the experts? They know there’s still plenty of work to be done when it comes to data privacy and that there are holes in the CCPA that will be exposed with time. There’s also speculation that the CCPA could lead to an increase in data collection as consumers begin to develop trust for the brands they work with.

But for now, consumers are celebrating a win and optimistically looking to the future of data privacy.

One thing is for sure. The revolution against big data is just beginning. Are you in?

“We only have two choices: Do nothing or do something.” -Tony Kirwan

Coming up in our next blog on CCPA for consumers — Learn the new rights consumers have earned under the CCPA and how they can enact them.

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