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Teenager claims he hacked CIA Director’s mail

So what happened? Apparently a high school student got Brennans smartphone number and used some clever social engineering to get access to the CIA Director’s account. According to Wired he posed as a Verizon and provided “a fabricated employee Vcode—a unique code he says Verizon assigns to employees—to get the information he was seeking. This included Brennan’s account number, his four-digit PIN, the backup mobile number on the account, Brennan’s AOL email address and the last four digits on his bank card.”

Afterwards it apparently was rather easy: The teenager just had to call AOL, tell them he was locked out of his account, answer a few security questions, et voila. The hacker managed to access 40 mails, a couple of which Brannon apparently had sent to himself from his work address, before the AOL account was finally deleted.

Some of the mails included attached documents, for example a 47 page long security clearance application and a spreadsheet said to contain data of senior intelligence officials.

The teenager shared most of the information on his Twitter account @phphax where he also trolled and taunted the authorities. He also tweeted:

Well … that might happen sooner rather than later.

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