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Technical Writing – a craft that’s surprisingly old

It’s understandable to think the craft of technical writing began in response to rescuing users of the first PCs in the 80s. Although the industry grew in size during that period, the craft of technical writing is arguably much older. In fact, it’s over 2 thousand years old.

But how is this possible? Well, if we consider that the core goal of technical writing is to transmit knowledge to an audience, we can recognize this same core goal in many historical publications, such as the scientific works of the ancient Greeks and Romans as well as Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks. There are also many other modern publications, especially how-to guides, that share this same core goal.

tech writers

Since the 80s, computer and software documentation has evolved because users are now familiar with computers, and technological advancements have enabled more effective help formats, such as tooltips, product tours, and web help. In addition, the choice of media that technical writers can now utilize has expanded vastly. Now that technical writers can leverage the power of videos, graphics, animations, CAD models, audio tutorials, augmented reality and much more, maybe technical writers should consider a new name for themselves that acknowledges their growing flexibility. What about … knowledge engineers?

The technical writers – or knowledge engineers – at Avira are dedicated to meeting the challenges of providing top-class help and educational resources fit for the 21st century.  On a daily basis, the Avira technical writers create and improve the information ecosystems of Avira’s products to ensure the information supporting and integrated within the products are as useful as possible.