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Our new System Speedup makes your life so much easier!

That’s why we have System Speedup 2.0 on board, the utility software suite for Microsoft Windows designed to enable the easy optimization, management, maintenance and troubleshoot of the Windows desktop services.

Why is the new System Speedup better?

Because it first informs you, then gives you the opportunity to react.

We created the Devices scores for you to see at a glance in a dashboard-style visual how your computer is doing in terms of performance, disk and privacy.

System Speedup calculates the device scores by using algorithms that consider the following aspects of your device:

  • Disk score: the total number and space consumed by junk files and empty files and folders.
  • Performance score: registry issues, registry fragmentation, and disk (sector) issues.
  • Privacy score: cookies, web browser caches, web browser add-on caches, web surfing history, and most recently used data.
  • Most recently used (MRU) data: Data that contains information about the applications and files you have recently opened. Windows and applications use MRU data.

Avira System Speedup - Device optimization

The boot time is a struggle, we know, exactly when you need your computer to be available asap, it takes an eternity to boot. Well, not only we improved our boot time optimization software, but we also prepared for you a boot history graph so that you understand how System Speedup managed to improve it.

Avira System Speedup - Boot optimizer

Battery, oh, another soft spot on the old computers… We created the optimum 3 modes for the energy plan of your device so that you can act quickly when you need more power or, au contraire, a longer lasting battery life.

The management of your files, disk and system is another thing you prefer to delay than explore into your OS?

System Speedup comes with the right tools for all these. Restore your deleted files, or shred files that you do not want to be recovered, encrypt or decrypt files or list your largest files and folders, manage your CPU processes, check the traffic of your network, and many other very useful aspects of your everyday work.

System Speedup 2.0 is available now on our website both in a Trial and Pro version. First think about what you would like  to do with all the extra time, then go get it!


Product Manager System Speedup