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Summer Internship @Avira: A dream come true

In  July, Oana, Doru, Adi, and Octavian joined the Avira team with the goal to learn a new programming language – Python – and gather some work experience for their future IT careers.

oana“I really liked our project and I also enjoyed working with Python and Django (web framework).  At first it was a little challenging because I’ve never worked in a company environment before, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Also the people here are great and really open to help you with any problem you might have. All in all, I think Avira is an awesome company that values its employees and I hope I will come back to work here in the future”, said Oana, who is a student at the Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty in Bucharest.

doruDoru, a student at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, enjoyed experiencing a real-life agile environment which helped him to develop both his teamwork ability and technical skills. “It’s very satisfying to know that your work will soon be used by so many people. This experience is one of the greatest things to write down in my <<summer retrospective>> and I would recommend anybody to try an internship @Avira”, concluded Doru.

adi Adi, who studies at the same faculty as Doru, gets a bit nostalgic when it comes to saying goodbye to “the Avira family”. “I learned a lot about new technologies and was able to improve my programming skills. I really enjoyed working on our project with my colleagues and there was definitely something very satisfying about building a specific product from scratch and delivering it in a working state at the end. In addition to that the atmosphere here is really pleasant and the people are so nice – it’s an exceptionally great place to work at”, said Adi.

octavianOctavian is 24 years old and attends the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science in Bucharest. As of today he is a Junior QA Automation in the OE team and therefore officially one of our colleagues.  “I believe I am a better programmer now than I was three months ago, I grew up a lot and I want to thank all my colleagues from Avira who helped and guided us, the interns, to take this important step in our career.”

Thanks for the kind words and welcome at Avira, Octavian!

#WeAvira will miss you guys but we are sure that you are now prepared for further challenges that will help you build your career.

By the way: The fruit of the students’ labor and their passion for IT is an internal tool which will be used by our Customer Support team. It will help organize the Avira user base so that our colleagues from Customer Support can find faster and better solutions for your problems and issues. Another interesting aspect of the tool is that it can manage and sort through translations and therefor help our Localization team to become more efficient and productive.


“The project is very important for Avira, so many thanks to these guys for helping us develop and finish it”, says Vitalie Maldur, a Web Backend Software Engineer @Avira, who accompanied and guided the interns during their internship.

If you want to become part of our team, too, don’t forget to check out our careers page.