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Student Wanted to Improve Grades, Got Jailed Instead

Nowadays, with all the technological advances and everything being stored on a PC or even online, committing such a crime is actually easier than ever if the school isn’t prepared for it and has no security measures in place to prevent incidents as this one. But crime doesn’t pay even if it is “only” in order to change one’s grades, as Imran Uddin had to discover.

According to The Independent, the 25 year old student hid four logging devices into computers at the University of Birmingham. He apparently wanted to steal staff logins and then use the information to access the grading system to improve his own grades.

Fortunately the students trick was discovered, the police got involved, and – after pleading guilty to six offences under the Computer Misuse Act – he has been jailed for four months. While this might sound harsh to some let’s not forget that he actually committed a real crime that would have provided him with false qualifications would he have been successfull.

Detective Constable Mark Bird, from the Regional Cyber Crime Unit, said: “The audacity of Uddin to install not just one but four of these devices showed how determined he was to cheat his way to a better degree.”

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