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Avira rocks the stage at Strata+Hadoop World in New York

With over 6000 registered attendees, this event is considered to be the biggest until now. Data scientists, analysts and executives have met to discuss about emerging technologies and techniques, develop new skills through innovative tutorials and share their experience with Big Data science.

The participants were engaged in nearly 200 sessions and a giant expo, where more than 170 of the most popular names in the Big Data industry were present to talk about their Hadoop projects and share best practices with the audience.

Two Avira Experts on the Speakers list

More than 250 speakers from domains like business, finance, media, fashion, engineering or government have entertained the audience for 3 intense days. Among them, Iulia Pasov (Machine Learning Engineer) and Calin Burloiu (Big Data Engineer) from Avira with a presentation on “How Data Science Helps Prevent User Churn at Avira, a 100-million Users Company”.

Strata HadoopIn front of a really packed room, they went through the most important steps data scientists perform in the user churn prevention process, from metrics like uninstall estimations to reason or topic detection and user churn prediction. They had a great audience who asked many interesting questions that were intensely debated afterwards. “It was nice to share our knowledge and get new ideas from other participants” says Iulia.   

“We were also very active during the event and tried to pick up as much as possible from trainings on hard core data science, techniques used in the world of finance or managing large volumes of data with Spark, Kafka and Cassandra. Moreover, we participated to talks to learn more about what is new in Spark, theoretical Neural Networks and their implementations for Spark, supervised Machine Learning, crowdsourcing for classifications, probabilistic programming, Spark Streaming, testing with Spark or ethical issues in Big Data” she adds. 

We’re looking forward to see them apply what they learned during the 3 days of Strata+Hadoop. Stay tuned for our future talks about Machine Learning and Big Data!


PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.