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How we celebrated Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

It might come as no surprise that some of the Avira team members are proud to be part of the beautiful community of Star Wars fans. It thus proved to be an absolute pleasure putting together a plan on how we can celebrate Star Wars Day with our users. Since fighting the bad side of the Internet is kind of what we’re really great at, we wanted to see how many of our users would choose light over darkness in a really fun campaign.

It all started last week with a teaser page that allowed people to do the countdown with us before releasing the official campaign page.

Light vs. Darkness: who won?

We offered users the possibility to choose a side: buy an Avira Internet Security Suite license and get a FREE one for a friend (the light side) or buy the same product and benefit from an extra year of protection for FREE, just for them (the dark side).

Star Wars Day campaign

75% of the Avira users chose the dark side in the Star Wars Day Campaign while only 25% turned to the light side.

What we won? Lovely hours spent in cool brainstorming sessions, some one on one training for our colleagues who couldn’t tell the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek and a bunch of new users who will be protected against all the dark forces of the Internet thanks to the Avira Internet Security Suite.

Over 20.000 people visited our Campaign page and we would also like to thank them for the support shown on social media. We were excited to discover the amazing feedback coming from our friends and followers on all social media networks.

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.