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Sports, travel, and a VPN

Being an avid sports fan and traveling is a problematic combination. You head off on your travels, armed with a laptop and a list of the best online sites for live sports coverage. No problem, right? What could go wrong?

Quite a lot. After logging in to the hotel network and going to your favorite site, it is clear that something has gone wrong: “Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten (An error has occurred)” says your computer.

Error message

Yes, an error has indeed occurred.

Right. And just who has responsibility for this error? It could be your boss. After all, the business trip was his idea. Even though you are just across the border from your home country, that is enough to block you out from watching your favorite sports event in your mother tongue. And this is all happening in your free time, long after working hours.

No free movement for your sporting data packets.

Congratulations: You have run into a geo-restriction. By looking at the data packets coming from your laptop, the official German live streaming site of your choice can tell you are not home in Germany but in the Czech Republic – a place where they have no legal ability to broadcast the event. And they have locked you out of their live-streaming coverage. The only thing they will let you do is read their summaries of past events. And, as a double error, you don’t know where the event can be watched live locally and you really don’t want to hear the event covered in a foreign tongue.

Get a real (but virtual) solution.

But there is a solution – just travel home quickly so the site can see that you are back in Germany. And, you can even do it before the match is over. Just download the Phantom VPN to your device – whether it is a laptop, Android smartphone, or an iPhone – set the location to Germany, and ‘poof’ you are home in the virtual sense of the word. The download and installation just takes a moment, so there is still enough time to see almost the entire sporting event.

Tunnel vision can be great.

Having tunnel vision with a VPN can be highly advantageous. The VPN places the interaction between your device and the sports site in an encrypted virtual tunnel. The site sees that they have a visitor – which is good for them – and you see the content – which is also good for you. What they don’t see is that you are physically in the Czech Republic. And while you are in this secure tunnel, you are also in a much more secure location to do online shopping and have a private conversation than you would be on an insecure hotel WiFi network.

Don’t let someone else’s errors restrict your life. Try our Avira Phantom VPN.

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