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Sony PlayStation Network offline for 12 hours

If you are a console gamer you might (or might not) remember Christmas day one year ago. Back then the Sony PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live were under attack from the Lizard Squad and – as a result – offline for hours.

This year cyber criminals were at it again: The network was offline for at least 12 hours, with almost every part of the PlayStation Network being affected. That means that PS 2, PS 4 and PS Vita players in the U.S. and Europe didn’t have access to the store, online play, account management, or any other online service.

What first looked like it could have been an unscheduled maintenance or the network just having issues pretty fast developed into a full blown DDoS attack with a group called PhantomSquad claiming responsibility. PSN users were understandably pretty unhappy.

Not all news is bad though. While the outage due to the DDoS attack might have been inconvenient, Sony seems to want to make it up to their users by extending the PS Plus subscriptions for the period of lost service:

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