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Are Social Networks interested in your sex life?

I would say that mail services are doing a quite good filtering of this kind of mails, so adaptation was necessary for the Spammers. They need you to know that their Viagra is the best and the cheapest one and will make anything necessary to share this information with you. So today we will talk about social networks related SPAM.

They know that we are tired of receiving this kind of emails, so they will show you it to you another way: In the web. But how can they make you visit them? Using a bait. Most of us use different kinds of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Skype and have accounts on Google, YouTube and so on. They are thus able to exploit our interest on this. How? They send emails not related to Viagra, but related to our favorite social networks.


Even if they are different web mails, it looks like spammers use some sort of template to send these mails:

  • [Insert web/service Logo]
  • You have [insert related feature]
  • View [insert related feature] (with the link to bite)
  • [Insert final greeting]
    [Insert team/support/service]
  • [Insert info related to the company to make it look more real. Also mail from user can help]

They’ve convinced us. We want to see what is happening in our favourite social network so we bite the hook. There is no link to those webs. We will only get this on the browser:


We have been tricked! Well, SPAM is annoying but it could be worse. The link could redirect to malware and we would get our PC infected. So be careful with you mailing list. If the email is suspicious don’t open it.

If you are really interested and want to know if the email you just received is real, you can check directly on your social network. You will probably also have this notification on those networks so you can just check directly from there. Just keep your eyes wide open and don’t be trigger-happy with the mouse!

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