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Social Networks: How Their Privacy Settings Compare

Particularly Facebook has often been the in the media when it comes to privacy issues and concerns. But do you really know what can and cannot be set in the sometimes rather confusing options? And what about all the other social networks likes Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+?

ITWorld decided to check out the top social networks and compare their privacy setting – in one handy chart. The list of things they checked out for you is rather extensive and includes the following points:

  • Profile visibility limits upon sign-up
  • Control how people can search for you
  • Control who can connect with you
  • Control whether people can message you
  • Control who can see your connections
  • Prevent users from tagging you in posts
  • Choose who can see your photos
  • Block users
  • Opt out of photo tagging
  • Disable facial recognition
  • Opt out of search engine indexing
  • Review recent logins
  • Set login alerts
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Automatically supports a secure connection
  • Control connected applications
  • Limit data sharing with third-party apps
  • Turn off location tracking
  • Delete location information
  • Manage advertising
  • Opt out of all advertising
  • Request an archive of your data
  • Delete your account

Just head over to ITWorld to read the whole article which also includes instructions for finding and updating these options in the different social networks.

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