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3 social media dangers to avoid

Included below are three different social media dangers that can become a problem from time to time.

Fake Influence – That Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers must be legitimate and interesting, right? Not always. While follower counts can sometimes indicate influence, they’re not a perfect measuring stick. Scammers or companies trying to promote their products in deceptive ways can create fake accounts and then buy followers in a way that’s just about as easy as buying something from Amazon. Try to look beyond the follower count to see if someone or something is really worth following. For example, who follows them, and what are they posting about? Also, how long has the account been active?

Trolling – An online troll can basically be described as someone who’s trying to cause problems online. This can sometimes just prove to be an inconvenience, but in many cases, the activity crosses over into harassment that can be very hurtful. We’ve all seen comments on social media that demonstrate this behavior. Many times they come from people who are deliberately trying to hide their real identity. It can be tempting to respond to these posts, but there’s a saying that says that you shouldn’t feed the trolls, which means that you shouldn’t fall into their trap by responding because it only gives them more to work with.

Catfishing – This refers to the practice of creating a fake identity online in order to try and trick someone into a a romantic relationship. People who do this could be seeking revenge, they might have no self-confidence, or they might just enjoy the entertainment value of it. Either way, if you’re starting to form a romantic relationship online, it’s important to get proof that the person you’re talking to is actually who they say they are.

Those are just three of the problems that can be lurking on social media, but if you know what to watch out for, then you can have a better experience with social media.

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