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Keep your shopping safe in the Avira Vault

Christmas is a tough time when it comes to privacy and your iPhone. Some pictures of your shopping you want to share and others you don’t.

That’s why the Avira Vault is so useful. Because your kids will never know that you’ve hidden photos of your holiday shipping — and their future presents — in the Vault even as they swipe their way through all pictures, games, and other apps on your iPhone.

In fact, with the Avira Vault you will actually WANT to hand over your smartphone to the kids as they suffer through their pre-Christmas anxiety attacks. It is quite enjoyable to see them so close to uncovering the identity of their presents – but blocked by that little icon and a password.

If they had any idea that you were snapping pictures of potential presents as you shopped — LEGO sets, kitchen mixers, and a few other gift options — and safely stashing them in the Vault, they would really go crazy. Instead, they are just elbowing for rights to play Monument Valley on the phone.

After all, they should really have to wait till Christmas to know what their presents are.

And you shouldn’t have to worry about where to hide them. Just keep them in the Vault.

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