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Sextortionist wants your money - and has your password - a sextortion story

Sextortionist wants your money – and has your password

How would you feel if you’d get a mail that would tell you someone has been recording you while you had fun surfing on porn pages? Probably not all that great.

Sadly it’s pretty much exactly what the latest sextortion mail is trying to make people belief. It also brings a very good argument to the table: The user’s password.

2900 Dollars for your peace of mind

Some users have been getting disturbing mails lately, according to Action Fraud. Some cybercriminal claims to have taped alleged porn site users while they were surfing on the page, watching some videos, and enjoying themselves.

According to the mail the scammer “made a double-screen video. First part displays the video you were viewing (you’ve got a nice taste haha), and second part shows the recording of your webcam.” To make sure people actually will pay up the $2900 he also added a very creepy detail: The user’s password.

Even if your password is real – don’t pay up!

It’s not real – DO NOT PAY!

Most people, of course, would not fall for a sextortion like the above one, even if they were visiting porn pages. The password though looks very convincing and gives the whole story a kind of gravity that could push some very scared individuals to actually pay up.

DON’T!  Your secret is still safe. Your friends / spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend / parents will never know what you did. While the password is probably yours and for real, the cybercriminal most likely got it from some old data breach together with the email address and probably some other data.

Stay secure

If you get a sextortion mail like this or a similar one, there are a couple of things you can and should do immediately:

  • Change your password: If you still use the password from the mail make sure to change it.
  • Never pay up: No matter what the con – never pay the ransom that cybercriminals are asking for. You won’t get anything out of it except having lost money.
  • Use strong passwords: Either come up with some good and secure ones or use a password manager, which will do the work for you
  • Two-factor authentication: If available – use it. While some extra work is involved your accounts and data will be safer.

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